Saturday, 10 December 2005


is it very foolish to go on holding steadfast the beliefs that there are still righteousness, compassion, conscience, love, justice etc left in this world, and be smacked again and again in the face by the harsh realities of life? or would it be better to just let go of any hope for humankind, and enjoy the satisfaction (albeit a bitter one) that we've been right all along while standing amidst the rubble of our own destruction?

the longer i live, the more ugliness i see in ppl... am beginning to loose confidence in the species. it is so hard to keep our convictions untouched when all the ugliness are kept being thrown at us. sometimes, it's so overwhelming that i just want to scream and scream, until it all go away.

is there any goodness left?


lotsachi said...

learn to see the beauty in the midst of ugliness. i'm lucky to know and learn and practice 'Butoh' - a contemporary dance from Japan that focuses on the beauty amidst ugliness (among others).

for your 'entertainment', curiousity, or on Butoh (see pictures, videos, articles...etc).

i was (still am) reading this book - 'buddhism as/in performance: analysis of meditation and theatrical practice'. and i came across this: buddhism teaches one to learn to see things in different perspective. true. if u take into consideration of 10 worlds ;)

stargal said...

maybe i'm at the lower end of the 10 worlds for failing to see...

lotsachi said...

*carries light, searches in the darkness of a smelly and ugly dungeon*

"sueeeee...where are you? come out where you are... you must b hungry, lemme buy you a sushi meal. sushi and sake in a nice japanese restaurant."

;) wait til i get back, har!

stargal said...

*drools* ah, now we're sure that i'm in the world of hunger! :Þ