Friday, 28 May 2010

3 birthdays, good food, great company!

it's supposed to be a birthday celebration for a taurus and 2 geminis, but because my birthday is in the middle, it's as if we're only celebrating my birthday! hehehe...
location: california pizza kitchen, klcc

instead of cakes, we had a tart each... courtesy of mon!

only birthday girls get a tart. hubby (san's) and brother (mon's) only get to take photo! :P

scheming to claim all the tarts for myself! (grin devious enough?)

i love taking photos in these lighting... makes us all look so cantik (malay for pretty)! hehehe...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

bento neh?

OMG! this is like seriously man's greatest invention since velcro!

no more excuses of not having a microwave at work... and it works for both warm and chilled bento! total coolness, i tell ya! i swear, if i have one of these, i'd bento everyday! :P

Monday, 24 May 2010

a lonely heart that isn't mine...

"don't you ever feel lonely?"

a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me this question that prompted me to look within my heart for the answer and ponder further even days after our meet-up.

well, my first answer to him was, "the last time i felt lonely... i can't remember when was it."

it's true! i can't remember the last time i felt lonely. i guess that means i'm quite happy with my life now? or could it be i'm always so busy, that i've simply no time for loneliness?

anyway, like i always tell people, a person can be alone, but never feel lonely. and when a person is lonely, he could be at a party surrounded by friends, or at a concert surrounded by people, and still feel the loneliness in his heart.

i believe, first and foremost, you need to be able to enjoy your own company before you can enjoy other people's, and for others to enjoy being with you. if you yourself can't stand being with you, how can other people enjoy your company, right?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

more flashmobs...

just to share with you all out there, this is the flashmob dance that started it all! ok, i'm not sure if this is the first ever flashmob dance in the world, but it certainly was the first flashmob dance video i saw (on facebook!) and the first time i came to learn of the word "flashmob" and its meaning.

not being a dancer, i've never had the desire to do any dancing of any sort. but after seeing this, i started to imagine what i'd do if i came across such a flashmob, especially if it's in one of my best-loved songs (like Do-Re-Mi here!). would i join in the dance? whip out my handphone or camera and start recording? this was before i joined the glee flashmob dance a few weeks back, so i naively thought all the passerby just suddenly started dancing on their own accord ala bollywood! hehe...

anyway, enjoy the video lah! :)

here's another one done by t-mobile, a corporate company, so maybe can't be considered a flashmob. but it's still very cool...

and finally, this is one MASSIVE flashmob, with more than 20,000 people participating! really powerful, done up to give oprah a surprise... ok, last one, i promise! ;)

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

glee flashmob dance: KL chapter - D' Day...

ok, sorry for posting this so late... i was caught up with something else. hehe...

anyway, on the actual day of the flashmob, the organizers STILL refused to disclose the flashmob location! we were only told to assemble at the Gardens Hotel at 12pm sharp, but i reckoned, since the flashmob is scheduled to take place at 2pm, it must be around that area as well, as they will not have time to transport us somewhere else. so i was able to tell my personal cheerios* to come to midvalley area fast! 
*for non-gleeks, Cheerios are the cheerleaders of Mc Kinley High, also the home of New Directions, the school's glee club. oh, and "gleeks" are "fans of Glee"

after registering, we had nothing to do... so we just camwhored! and no, we did not pakat (malay for make a pact) to wear the same t!

at gardens, we were flocked into 3 main groups (with 100+ people in each group) for easy mob management. after sitting/standing about for some time, we were briefed at about 1pm. we were still in the dark as to our actual flashmob location! in our briefing, my group were told to meet at the midvalley centre court at 1.30pm. that will be our diversion point...

so we went our own ways, walked towards midvalley and went into a few shops (to look natural). then nearing 1.30pm, we went over to the centre court. lots of the flashmob people were there already, just hanging around and talking and laughing. i'm sure we created lots of suspicions from the shoppers there. tho' no one knows what's going on, i'm sure they suspected SOMETHING is going on!

then at about 1.45pm, our group leader started walking again and we followed. again, it's so obvious something is going on... coz it's impossible that 100+ people just decided to start walking towards one direction all of a sudden!

we stopped at the centre court of Gardens Shopping Mall, and just stood around waiting. so it's confirmed! we'll be having the flashmob there!

*photos with the RA logo were copied from their facebook page

you know something is up when the normally near-empty gardens is suddenly so crowded!

the opening act, by kids below 15 years old. this is a slightly different version from the other glee flashmobs happening around the world, where they used professional dancers for the opening...

these closed-up shots were taken by one of my cheerios, YW and her bf...

see my hair flying away! so semangat (malay for gung-ho)...

everyone also very semangat...

there were people dancing on the ground, 1st and 2nd floors! actually, our group was meant to dance on the 1st floor, but N, V and i thought it would be more fun to dance on the ground floor. so we ditched our group and slipped downstairs to join the group there :P

after the dance... cheerios YW and NY (YW's bf) came over to say hi. here's us doing the GLEE sign, while NY snapped our photos.

another pair of cheerios, taty and annie, came to show their support too!

and we got called for an encore! so they decided to do another round of the dance... i think this round was better. everyone was pretty hyped up and not so tensed as the first round. and i think everyone from the other 2 floors came down to the ground floor, so we had a bigger mob effect. can you spot N and i? i've circled us in red...

here's a closer shot of us...

all in all, it was a crazy thing do to. and the power of the mob is really amazing. here's people of different background, gender, skin colour, religion, social status, etc got together for one cause. and no one gained any monetary benefits from this! ok, maybe star world, in free advertising... hehe...

here are the 2 versions of the OFFICIAL glee flashmob videos produced by star world. i think they'll come up with another version, coz these 2 looks like just clips of the event, and not really on the event itself.

1 minute version

4 minutes version

for videos of glee flashmob dances happening around the world, go here. they're all listed on the right hand side of the page...

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

off to another adventure!

another naik bukit, masuk hutan (malay for "up the hill, into the jungle") adventure in the land of the hornbills!

pray i get back in one piece! tata!

Monday, 10 May 2010

glee flashmob dance: KL chapter - the rehearsals

when i received the invitation on facebook to join this, my first reaction was excitement! a flashmob, right here in KL!!! and in the GLEE theme too, my fav tv series! but after looking at the details, i was a lil apprehensive. coz there're rehearsal sessions to attend. and it was a crazy thing to do. i nearly backed out of it, actually... but then i thought, hey, life is short! so i decided to do it... and i invited best pal N along!

below are some photos taken during 2 sessions of rehearsal at the ballroom of gardens hotel, kl. we only attended the 1st and 3rd session (total of 3 sessions). we skipped the 2nd one coz we were too tired from the 1st session the day before, and it's lucky we did! coz they couldn't get a rehearsal venue, so they had to have it at bukit bintang boys school (read: no air-cond!).

actually, we don't need to attend all the rehearsal sessions... coz they posted the tutorial videos on youtube and we were supposed to learn the steps on our own. the rehearsal sessions were mostly for coordination purposes. but with youtube being banned from my office server, and my home connection sucks big time, i didn't get to learn my steps prior to the 1st rehearsal lar. but i wasn't the only one, so they went thru the steps with us during the rehearsals too.

good thing that i only wear pants to work. N can't really dance properly, coz she was wearing a dress! the rehearsal venues were always announced at the last minute, and we won't know there's gonna be a rehearsal until we've gotten to the office.


3rd rehearsal session... i came more prepared!
*phew* so tired from all the dancing!

me in action...

this is V, N's colleague whom we recruited to join...
this is our ending pose! my pose is the correct one, V's is a bit on the drama side...

the event was co-organized by random alphabets, wago and star world.

just goofing around during our break... for those who don't know,
the sign we're making with our fingers (L for "losers") is actually the GLEE sign.

debriefing at the end of the final rehearsal...

and here, ladies and gentlemen, is a never-seen-before footage of the girl with 2 left feet dancing! video courtesy of N....
warning: disturbing video footage ahead, not for the fainthearted.

hehehe... can u hear me go "aiyak" near the end? that move was backbreaking, i tell u! :P

Friday, 7 May 2010


1. the orchestra had a 2d1n music exchange with our klang counterparts last weekend, held in klang kaikan. so about 70+ of us went over and stayed for a night. the girls' dorm were occupied by only the female participants of this exchange, but the boys had to share the male dorm with the klang gym boys. and as our 2 groups have totally different schedules, the gym boys' practice sessions ended long after ours. so long after, that our boys have all lined up their mattresses and some even gone to sleep, before the gym boys started to trickle in. so just as our boys were about to drift off to dreamland, they were suddenly being treated to a cacophony of banging bathroom doors every time someone goes in or comes out from the bathroom. after a while, KS just can't take it anymore...

KS: you guys have kidney failure issit, keep going in and out of the toilet?!?
(of course, i didn't hear this myself, coz this happened in the male dorm! someone reported it to N and i the next day... :P)

2. still in klang, at breakfast the next morning
N: so did u sleep well yesterday?
KL: no
me: very hot and stuffy in the male dorm also, right? we also didn't sleep well!
KL: no. it's because there were a lot of MEN there...
N & me: =_='''

3. colleague talking on the phone, in the office
colleague: ...that's "c" as in china, "a" as in australia, and "n" as in nipple...
me: *nearly snorted green tea out of my nostrils* (Nepal pronounced as nipple???)

4.  talking to a caller, in the office
caller: can we fish from the balcony?
me: yes, you can
caller: are the fishes big?
me: no sir. as our chalets are in shallow waters, only small fishes will swim up close enough
caller: aiya, but i want big fishes. like sharks, marlins... all those only fishes only nice lar...
me: haha... then sir, you'll need to go to open sea for those
caller: aiyo, there got a lot of PILOTS one...
me: *trying hard not to burst out laughing*