Wednesday, 30 March 2005

The Sound of Music

the all time fav of i think almost everyone (except those few who have not even heard of it - can anyone imagine that?!) is in town! i mean the musical lar... and i'm going to it tomorrow! can't wait!

this time, didn't get free tickets lar. no such luck... bought the second cheapest tix, the C category. actually wanted to get the B cat, for a better view, but too bad it was all sold out. hopefully the seat i'll be getting tomorrow won't be so bad. or else i'll kick myself for buying it so late!

anyway, will be going with my good fren N and also my 2 housmates. i managed to persuade them that it'll be worth the RM100++ price! hehehe...

Tuesday, 29 March 2005

another disaster!

gosh! i felt the earthquake from my apartment! was doing my freelance work in front of my pc at around 12.15 when i suddenly feel like i'm swaying... i thought i was dizzy! then i heard my housemate's wind-chimes tinkling, n i thought the wind is extra strong, until the whole building is swaying to the puffs. but when i looked out, the trees weren't moving. so it couldn't be the wind! then i went to ask if my housemates felt the tremor and one of them said yes! she thought she's dizzy from lack of sleep or tiredness! so we rushed to the windows n looked down. there were quite a lot of people at the parking lot, ard 15 of them. it was really scary! we kept leaning against the wall to 'confirm' if it's really a tremor. after abt 5 minutes, we decided to go downstairs as well, lest the building collapse! so we hurriedly went to off our pc, gather our wallets, phones n car keys and rushed out of the house. on the way down in the lift, i can see my housemate actually trembling! gosh... so scary!

downstairs, more ppl are coming down. some neighbours asked us if we felt anything. one gal was sleeping when she felt it! anyway, no one knew what happened... so we started calling our frens who live in apartments n condos to ask them if they felt it too. my ex-clg in puchong felt it, but sc didn't feel it in damansara. she told me it was felt in penang and cyberjaya.

anyway, waited for about 1/2 hour down there n then decide to come back upstairs. by then, there were at least 100 ppl down there. turned on the tv to cnn and saw that a 8.2 earthquake happened in sumatra 1/2 hour ago! gosh! we actually felt it while it was happening! so can imagine how fast the tremor travels... so scary...

then N called me, telling me her uncle in penang had to be evacuated from his apartment coz the tremor was really bad there... according to cnn, it's an aftershock from the boxing day earthquake last year... gosh, so long oredi, still have aftershock? really sad for the ppl in sumatra, as they're now still in the recovering process and then another disaster hit them! what a catastrophe! *shudder*

Thursday, 24 March 2005

still in a daze...


still can't believe it! n so fast too! actually i took another 1/2 day off today to go for my other interview. but i dun think they'll consider me, coz my expected salary is too high.

neeways, after the interview, i went to 1Utama to wait for my clgs to finish work, coz we wanted to have a farewell dinner for one of my clgs. was just walking ard aimlessly when i got a call from the marketing manager. he told me that he's read my write-up and obviously they liked it. "i've never seen anything like it". hahahaha... actually after sending it out yesterday, i thought maybe it'll be a tad too childish for them! so was kinda worried a little... looks like i've been worrying for nothing!

so the marketing manager said a contract has been couriered out to me from terengganu (their plant there), but it contained some errors... so asked me to just ignore the errors, as they'll be sending me a new contract. anyway, they're offering me a 2 year contract and after that, they'll propose to the mother company to make me a permanent staff. but my contract comes with the usual benefits enjoyed by permanent staff such as annual leave and medical coverage. forgot to ask abt epf though. will remember to ask later.

oh, did i mention that this is a subsidiary company for a petroleum company in m'sia? we (ahem! it's WE now. kekeke...) export materials for making plastic to countries like south africa, china etc. the office is located on the 14th floor of a certain tower in klcc. luckily i'm not the superstitious type (14 - sat sei [sure die]). but just to be safe, TOUCH WOOD!! or the more chinese method, CHOY!! hehehe...

n they're expecting me to report for work on the 16th of april (that's another error, as 16th of april is a saturday). i think they want me to join them b4 the current corporate com gal leaves, so that i'd get to learn something from her n to 'inherit' the job from her. but i need to give 1 month's notice at my current company, so i'd have to utilize my remaining annual leave days. which means i won't get any break in between the job transition.

but here comes the best part. they offered me RM200 more than my expected salary!!! now which crazy company would do that kinda thing? so happy to hear that! hmm... could it be because i mentioned abt the expensive parking n food at klcc in my write-up? either that or they're expecting me to work like hell!

anyway, the marketing manager told me there's a corporate com training coming up in may n he's arranged for me to attend. great huh?

so now the worries... to drive to work? take lrt? pack lunch to work? eat out? dress code? n gosh, their working hours ia from 8-5. 8am!!! normally i'll still be sleeping at this hour! this is something i'd need to get used to, as my current company starts work at 10. need to adjust my biological clock. ah well, we can't get everything perfect.

really need to thank t for forwarding me that e-mail. she's asking for lobster... hahaha... hey t, no problemo!

Tuesday, 22 March 2005

oh wow wee!

actually, yesterday my interviewers wanted me to do a write-up abt my interview experience with them, just to share my thoughts and to "impress us further" (in their words). so i agreed and said i'd e-mail it to them today. 

then this morning, when i switched on my phone at 8.30, i got a msg from one of the interviewers, reminding me to send in my write-up as they're "seriously considering" me. OMG!!! so happy! keeping my fingers crossed!

anyway, my entry yesterday "first impressions" was the write-up i did for them. hopefully it's appropriate... crossing my toes as well!

another new blog url...

well, it's coz the 2 interviewers just now asked if i do any writing, so i told them i blog, which was a BIG mistake, coz they asked for the url! so stupid of me! so terpaksa give lor...

so that 'first impression' entry was just a decoy... notice that i removed all the blogs with mentions of my freelance in the previous url. hehehe... so sorry ya, ppl. i know it's a nuisance.

anyway, if any of u are wondering abt my latest url, it's an anagram of my full name! reading 'da vinci code' at the moment, was rather intrigued by it. superb book!

first impressions

took a half day off from work today to go for that interview i mentioned previously. when i was getting my pass at the front counter of tower 1, the girl gave me an “are-you-sure-how-come-i-don’t-know-of-any-interview” sort of look and asked me, “what floor? looking for whom? do you know her extension?” hmm… sounds as if they’re not used to having people going up for interviews?

anyway, i had my interview in the ceo's office, a room with a great view of the concrete jungle of kl outside! and my two interviewers were quite nice guys who asked practical questions, unlike some nasty ones who like to shoot you with unoriginal questions like, “so, where do you see yourself in 20 years?” duh!

overall, the interview went ok (i think!), sort of like a 2 way thingy, with them briefing me about the company and the job functions and asking me questions about my current job/company and stuff like that.

basically, my job (IF i get it) would include handling the company newsletter, press releases, event coverage etc… normal corporate communications stuff. AND doing some marketing stuff as well. well, marketing is a field i’m totally clueless about, but it seemed like something i’d like to explore. a growing and branching out opportunity for me, maybe? at first, i was somewhat apprehensive about this, as i didn’t think i’m quite the right person for the post, but after today’s interview, i’m of a different mind. i think i’d like to give it a go. this could be the answer to my prayers all these while – a challenging and yet fulfilling job. there’s so much i can learn here.

well, the job includes traveling opportunities as well (once in a while), which is really cool, and my interviewers mentioned something about sending people for trainings and seminars. personally, i think a company who is willing to send their employees for trainings/seminar/talks is a company with vision, where they want their staff to grow together with the company. it’s a win-win situation. the staff of a company is, after all, the company’s greatest asset. also, they’re working a 5-day week! after having to trudge through 4 years of working on alternate ½ saturdays, a 5-day week job will be pure bliss!

as for the location, it’s total coolness! it’s like the heart of kl, the landmark, the icon! but as with everything, it comes with a price. and that price can be real pricey, in terms of food and transportation. i parked my car in the basement for just 2.5 hours and the parking came to be RM6.50!!! gosh! maybe i should consider taking the LRT if i get the offer.

after the interview, i grabbed a sandwich for my dinner and headed home at about 6pm. but OMG! the jam! it’s something horrible... but then again, we have to remember it’s kl. therefore, it’s unavoidable… ok, i’m DEFINITELY taking the LRT! keeping my fingers crossed abt the job!

Friday, 18 March 2005

my big break? could it be?

got 2 calls for interview today! the first one, they didn't put up any advert for the post, just by word of mouth (or in my case, by word of e-mail). t informed me abt it and i sent them my cv on tues. but frankly, i'm not really sure if i'm right for the job. coz i'm not the aggresive type. so won't have too high hopes. hmm... but they encouraged fresh-grads to apply also, so means they're willing to train from scratch. anyway, like what i told t n h, even if i dun get the post, at least i'd have the chance to go up the twin towers! hehhee...

as for the other call, it's from a publishing house, for the position of editor. i didn't even apply for this post! the gal said they got my cv from jobsdb, so called me to see if i'm interested to go for the interview. y not, rite? but i heard an editor's pay is not that good one. n shah alam somemore! hmm... nvm lar, just go for the interview n see how lar...

Tuesday, 15 March 2005

only tuesday...

...n already i'm half dead. lots going on in the office now, with my clg going away (lotsa hand-over job) n also the rush for the company magazine dateline. n yesterday, the CEO placed someone in my ex-manager's vacant office, apparently 'to use the pc'. hmm... a spy??? now with only 3 of us left in the dept (not counting the leaving one), the future of the dept is really uncertain. will we be 'eaten' up by other dept? will one of the bosses station his ppl in our dept to 'conquer' yet another dept over to his side (in the 'war' between the CEO n the Chairman)? gosh, seems like we have to wear bullet-proof vests everytime we go to work, coz we won't know who is going to shoot us in the back. WHEN CAN I LEAVE TOO???

also, been bogged down with work since last week. seems like SM loves to give me last minute work, those rushing ones, tx date just around the corner ones... *sigh... but it's a good thing that she's always rushing me lar, coz then i can be really disciplined and not take my own sweet time at it. hopefully i'll be able to get more done this month to make up for the pitiful hours last month (due to cny). but really exhausted. n no time for dates! *sigh... hopefully ppl won't think i'm anti-social or anything...

Monday, 14 March 2005

back from m'ca...

ok, some updates on bro's condition... basically, he's back to normal. the doctors dunno what caused his seizures... so now just take medication to stabilize his brain activities. but the medicine makes him dizzy, so the doc gave him another prescription to counter the dizziness...

as for his growth, we'll wait for him to come back from his china trip b4 going to s'pore for a second opinion. this neuro guy in s'pore was recommended by the pantai hospital doc... so for now, all we can do is to chant hard.

now abt myself... it's 2am now and i'm still typing here... hehehe... just finished ironing clothes. actually i came back to kl quite early, ard 5pm. but N (she tumpang my car down to m'ca to her bf's place n then tumpang my car back again), wanted to go to midvalley to buy the nike sweater she's been eyeing for so long... so decided to accompany her lor. can't resist the chance to go shopping! hahaha... but i didn't buy anything lar, really have to control. n anyway, nothing to buy also.

so got back at ard 10.30... clean my room until 11.30... bathe... n then iron clothes while watching vcd. expect to be very tired tomorrow... *sigh...

Friday, 11 March 2005

friday nite...

well, i should be at the skating rink right now, but didn't go. coz the rest of my group members not going, so decided not to go also. so boring skating alone.

neeways, heard from another colleague that she's leaving... had an offer with a higher pay (RM1k higher! - who wouldn't leave?) *sigh... y am i still stuck here??? when will my break come?

no updates abt bro... lots of ppl've been e-mailing me, my cousins n also aunty malee (dad's ole college fren) asking me abt his condition. i'm so far away and mom's no help on the phone coz she can't remember so many of the tests (with obscure names) done on him. well, will be going home tomorrow, so maybe i'll have more details then.

neeways, heard a clg said today that there's a centre teaching yoga near my place... actually i've been thinking of learning yoga for a very long time. maybe i should go and find out abt this centre.

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

updates on bro's condition

according to the doc, the growth found underneath bro's skull is not the cause of seizures, coz it is between his eyes n nose, not in his brain... hmm... so what caused his fits? still dunno yet.

anyway, now we'll be getting a second opinion on the growth. the pantai neurologist will also compare bro's scan from last year with this year's to determine when the growth appear. could it be a blood clot from his motorbike accident last time?

and abt his seizures, he did some tests today to determine if his brain will be stable enough for his china trip next week. his company will be sending him for a working trip to china for 2 weeks. after all said n done, he still wanna go... so now waiting for the test results to see if he can go or not lor...

hey ppl, dun worry abt me. i'm fine (still)... as long as the test results are not out yet, we still have hope. so just praying hard!

on a lighter note, met up with ss n kh for dinner tonight. really nice to see them! actually ss called me on sunday to meet up, but i was kinda bz, so suggested today. then kh sms-ed me yesterday, asked me if i'm free for dinner. so i asked him how abt the 3 of us meet up! really appreciate their effort to keep in touch. we went to tgi friday... and shared a mudpie among 3 of us, coz too full to eat it all by myself. erm, the mudpie not that great lar, tho really sinful.

also, ben called me just now, asking me if i'll take care of his doggie for 6 weeks... err, or was it his gf's doggie? can't really hear properly, coz too noisy. anyway, really tempted to say yes... *sigh... but kenot lar. my housemates would kill me!!!

Monday, 7 March 2005

can it really be true??

well, he's out of the ICU after spending 2 nights there... finally get to talk to him on the phone today. managed to keep my voice from quivering. he's still not out of the hospital yet. i honestly think the pantai hospital is trying to cash in coz they know bro's company will be footing the bill.

ok, the news:
the scan showed there's a small growth underneath his skull (dunno which part or how big). so now they'll just have to wait for the biopsy results to see if it's malignant or benign.

gosh... this is so shocking! mind in a bit of a haze now... how can this happen?

but i still have hope yet that he'll be ok. he's got to be! NMHRGK

Saturday, 5 March 2005

Seizures & Epilepsy

found this on the web

Seizures are symptoms of abnormal brain function. With the exception of very young children and the elderly, the cause of the abnormal brain function is usually not identifiable.

However, when seizures start, the physician will try to identify an underlying etiology (cause). This is because the most specific diagnosis as to why seizures are occurring depends on finding a cause, and the best therapy will be one specific to the etiology.

If a specific diagnosis of cause cannot be made, then the epilepsy will be described according to seizure type or epileptic syndrome.

In about seven out of ten people with epilepsy, no cause can be found. Among the rest, the cause may be any one of a number of things that can make a difference in the way the brain works. Head injuries or lack of oxygen during birth may damage the delicate electrical system in the brain. Other causes include brain tumors, genetic conditions (such as tuberous sclerosis), lead poisoning, problems in development of the brain before birth, and infections like meningitis or encephalitis. About 30 percent of the 180,000 new epilepsy cases every year begin in childhood, particularly in early childhood and around the time of adolescence. Another period of relatively high incidence is in people over the age of 65.

Potential Causes of Epilepsy in:

  • Brain malformations
  • Lack of oxygen during birth
  • Low levels of blood sugar, blood calcium, blood magnesium or other electrolyte disturbances
  • Inborn errors of metabolism
  • Intracranial hemorrhage
  • Maternal drug use
  • Infection

Infants and Children

  • Fever (febrile seizures)
  • Brain tumor (rarely)
  • Infections

Children and Adults

  • Congenital conditions (Down’s syndrome; Angelman’s syndrome; tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis)
  • Genetic factors
  • Progressive brain disease (rare)
  • Head trauma


  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Trauma

what happened?

mom called yesterday, telling me that bro has been admitted to the pantai hospital (again). he was having lunch with his colleagues yesterday when he suddenly blacked-out and started having fits. so his clgs sent him to the hospital. now he's in the ICU, waiting for brain scan... have not talked to him yet, coz no phones are allowed in the ICU.

actually, this happened b4. and the scary thing is, it happened exactly last 1 year ago, 3rd of march 2004. yesterday was 4th of march 2005. last year, he had just got home from work n was having dinner when he blacked-out and started shaking and spewing white foam... luckily there was a meeting at my house at that time, so there were a few guys (mom told me a few, but i only remember peter) to help carry him. the doc did a brain scan n some other tests, but found nothing. everything was normal n can't find any explanation for it.

then yesterday, it occured again. dunno why... there're no history of fits in my family. the doc said if they dun find any tumour in his brain, then all they can do is to prescribe medication for 1/2 year to stabilize him. n he also advised bro not to drive, coz his black-outs are very sudden and could be very dangerous if it occured when he's driving.

gosh... so scary!!! praying hard that he's ok. i've already lost one brother, i can't afford to lose another. he may be a pain sometimes, but he's still my brother. was quite emotional last night... can't imagine what life would be like if he were to leave us. ok ok... i'll not think that, lest i start crying again (n this is the office!).

Thursday, 3 March 2005

Disney on Ice - Princess Classics

yay! N got free tickets for this sat!!! she's teaching in a private school and those kids' rich parents have lotsa connections... so one fine day, N was just mentioning that she wished to watch it and immediately one of her students said he/she can get free tickets for her! that particular student said last year, his/her mom got the VIP tickets but slept the whole show thru! what a waste! but this year, he/she only can get the free-seating tix (the cheapest - upper tier). nvm lar, it's FREE!!! so happy... can't wait!

anyway, N got 6 tix, and she asked her sister n sis's bf along, but sis got exam. so N was asking me who else to give the extra tix to... and i remembered my housemate saying she really wished to go, but didn't realize the tix are so expensive. so i asked N y not just give 2 to my housemates lar!

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

and again!

yes, AGAIN! pls cooperate, ppl... getting real tired of this. this'll be the last time i change the url. the next time, i'll just abandon this whole blogging thing and keep a personal diary instead!

anyway... there seems to be something wrong with doodle these few days. dun tell me they crashed again...


oh shit! T forwarded my e-mail on the new url to my company add, so that she can reply me at work. shit shit shit!!! now it has passed the company server. urgh! maybe i should delete everything and stop blogging! *frust*

new url again...

so sorry again, ppl! i'll try to b more careful next time, seeing that there are sooooo many ppl interested in my life! kekeke... hmm, but it really sets u wondering... there are really such nothing-else-better-to-do busybodies in the world!