Sunday, 28 May 2006

Special Mother's Day


Dear Mummy,

I took my first gulp of air 28 years ago today, after I impatiently demanded to be released from the confines of your warmth into the cold outside. Now 28 years later, here i am, still using up the earth's oxygen and just as impatient and demanding! Haha... :)

For 28 years of love and care, here's wishing you "Happy Special Mother's Day". Thank you for everything.

Your daughter

* don't u think this is a better "Mother's Day" compared to the much-hyped about and commercialized one that falls on every 2nd Sunday of May?
** great, now the whole world knows my age!

anyway, this year's yields:

a birthday card. these things seem to be getting rather scarce nowadays...

a box of assorted Leonidas chocolates... yummers!

more chocs!

a handmade lunch invite to a 'secret place'...
*'secret place' turned out to be jogoya japanese buffet! yummy-licious, i tell u! but now seriously need to diet...

a bunch of roses! (along with a card and a cake, but the cake was devoured b4 we sempat take a pic of it) kebetulan it's also in pink, like the bunch i sent mom!



pink-pig phone holder

music-hearted red erm, thingy.
red thingy

Tuesday, 23 May 2006


and we thought the 'love letter' incident is over...

well, he/she's back! on sat, received an sms from a certain "maychong" (mc), sent via the web service, that goes like this (copied in full, bad grammar, spelling n all, with names withheld to protect identity): hi stargal, mr. c told me that he love you much, and he no love FY tue, he told me face to face.. -sent FREE from

then found out that FY and cl also received sms-es by this same person, tho i have no idea what has cl got to do with the whole dem thing. FY's 1st sms goes something like this (typed from memory):

stop disturbing my mr. c! he don't love you anymore. if you keep disturbing him, i will do something that you might regret.

or something to that effect. her 2nd sms goes:

mr. c don't love you anymore. he loves stargal. why do you still disturb him?

i don't know what cl's sms said, coz i'm kinda avoiding talking to cl now... but Spring read it and said it's also something like FY's 2nd sms. sick right?

then on sat night, i received a request from mc to be added into our yahoo group. fat chance m i letting him/her in!

and on monday, received another sms: mr. c really love you, why don give him a change..he will prove to you....send FREE msgs from

now i suspect that this mc is really mr. c himself coz:
1. first mc said mr. c is his/hers and asked FY to leave him alone
2. then he/she encouraged me to give mr. c a chance, and is so persistent too
3. he/she seems to know what's going on in the orchestra
4. he/she has mine n cl's contact number

been trying to think of ways to trap him. i'm not the type to sit around and let ppl mess with me. i need to get even. i need to find out who that &^@%#^@ really is. but so far, all my ideas are not refined enough to be executed... need to think somemore. it must be something that would really catch him red-handed and with no loophole for him to deny.

in the mean time, YW suggested that i write to to request for mc's details... that's a good idea, even tho' i'm sure most of it would be fake info anyway. but i'm hoping at least he would give his valid phone number, coz he would need to verify his registration via sms. so i sent this letter:

I'm writing regarding an user, carrying the ID "mcxx" who has been spreading rumours and giving threats to a few of my orchestra members. I believe "mcxx" is one of our members, but i have no proof.

Is it possible for to provide me with mcxx's profile details, especially his/her mobile number? The threats/rumours are getting kinda out of hand and are creating anxiety and concern among my orchestra members.

If this continues, we might need to seek police help but I do not wish for things to go to that extend. So I hope would be able to provide me with the user's details so that we can give him/her a warning and settle this case amicably.

Thanks in advance for your help.

hopefully they'll be concerned enough abt a possible police case to be willing to disclose the info. *keeping fingers crossed* in the mean time, thinking of other ways to expose the culprit.

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

sick of...

~ my manager - how to expect ppl to show respect with that kinda attitude problem?
~ my day job - dragging my feet to work everyday!
~ my freelance - what a chore!
~ my financial state - stifling... when will it end???
~ mr. talk-too-much - stupid. dun even know that ppl are not interested in all his gabbing!
~ mom's constant question abt my still being single - in every phone conversation and my trip home! without fail!!!
~ commuting to & from work - think sardines n u'll get what i mean...
~ my body shape - seriously need to diet! but u know, i've been fat all my life! can't remember any single moment in my life of ever being slim... *sigh*
~ life in general - weak, spiritless, demotivated, lethargic...


Monday, 8 May 2006

random thoughts...

1. gosh... only 4pm! *tick*tock*tick*tock*
2. *sigh* how i wish i dun have to work for a living...
3. shadup lar! no one is interested in ur life! g'away!
4. when will i be 'not poor'?!
5. need to diet...
6. stupid company, so kira wan! i want my ipod!!!
7. need more sleep...
8. where to go from here? and more importantly, can i?
9. *stamps feet* i wanna go on a holidaaaaaayyyy!!!
10. is this all there is to it???