Tuesday, 28 February 2006

updated post...

i kept thinking up things to add to my previous post... hehe... for those who have already read it and dun wish to go thru the whole post again, i've assigned a different colour to the additions for easy reference.

Saturday, 25 February 2006

Macau / Hong Kong

niece ying scribbling about her first flying experience on the vomit bag (an unused one, of course!) .
niece ying

guia fort, taken from the balcony of hotel room. it's just a short walk up the hill from our hotel, but didn't actually make the trip there.
fort guia

macau seems to be a very hilly place, with most of their structures built on slopes. and their streets are very narrow!

ruins of st. paul's church, probably the most photographed structure in macau. felt a bit like at a'famosa of m'ca, tho this is much grander.
sao paulo

and next to the st. paul's church is the
monte fort.
monte fort

st. dominic's church on leal senado plaza.
st. dominic

leal senado plaza.
senate square

life saver!! this is on leal senado plaza too.

my super small room in hong kong.

this is the first time in my life that i'd seen such a small room. i think it's only 8x8 feet! i can't even open up my luggage bag in the room! need to do it in the corridor outside. luckily it's a private corridor with a door seperating us from the front lobby (if it's even called a lobby!), with only 3 rooms sharing it. the room next to mine was bro's and the one next to his was unoccupied, so we had the whole corridor to ourselves.

but other than the limited space and the ancient n super small lift (which only fits 4 adults), the hotel (ok, it's not even a hotel. it's more of like a rumah tumpangan) on the whole was quite ok lar. it has just undergone a renovation, so all their things are brand new n clean. also, they have 24 hrs free internet access! so cool...

tea ceremony during cousin hsiang's wedding.

check out the list of marriage notices! cousin wu and i amused ourselves a little comparing the ages of the marrying couples during the wait to get in the marriage hall. hehe...
marriage notices

marriage in true hong kong style!

on the train to disneyland! even their trains are cute, with mickey-shaped windows and handholds.

tickets and guide map.


all aboard! train that brings us around the whole of hk disneyland.

the aliens from toy story, taken from the train.
toy story

adapted musical performance of the lion king at the festival of the lion king.

lion king

tarzan's tree house.
tarzan's tree house

jungle river cruise along the rivers of adventure.

jungle cruise

some of the floats during the parade.
mickey fest


alice in wonderland

little mermaid

toy soldiers

toy story



the golden mickeys, an award show that's also a musical in celebration of disney's best-loved films, songs n characters.
golden mickeys

on the whole, it was a good trip. got to see for myself the real hong kong marriage and wedding dinner, an eye opener for me. hong kong weddings are far more mah-fan than in m'sia. and the clothes those ppl wear! all of us from m'sia were so underdressed during the morning wedding. those hongkies must think we're from dunno which ulu part of the world! actually i brought a nice white sleeveless punjabi style blouse with white pants for the morning wedding, but as the weather was much colder than expected and i didn't have a long coat, so can't wear it. in the end, had to resort to slacks and t-shirt.

dinner gown
evening gown

as for disneyland, it's a tad small. but considering the lack of land in hk, it's forgivable lar. lucky for us the weather was quite cold the day we went, so not so crowded. we got to go on all the rides without the long Qs and i managed to take pics with some of the mascots! hehehe... but the irony of it was, mom and my 2 aunts seemed to enjoy it more than us kids! hmm...

and what's the point of going to macau without trying ur luck in one of the casinos? but i lost. so no room upgrade for us! haha... anyway, not sure if it applies for all, but imho, our casino in genting is far more professional than those in macau. the reason for saying this: my aunt was asking a guard (in full security guard uniform) on how to play a certain slot machine. so the guard gladly helped her and guided her thru her game in true show host style. bro was commenting on how friendly the ppl are! but then aunt won abt MOP3,000+ on her first try (with the guidance of the aforementioned guard)! that's when they (the casino ppl) begin to show their horns. when aunt brought her winnings (coins) to the counter to change it into cash, the cashiers kept insisting that she give them some tips! and then the guard came over to ask for tips as well! the cheek of them! well, aunt would have tipped the guard without being asked, but imagine asking for it so shamlessly, esp those cashiers! this would never happen in genting. they are too strict to allow that.

anyway, got to know my cousins better during this trip. really had a great time with them, especially cousin yong from US. feel closer to them. and cousin yong n wu did a lot of research on places in hk n macau, so we went for an afternoon exploration ard hk by ourselves. took the MTR from mongkok (where we stayed) over to causeway bay (on hk island). why we chose to go to causeway bay? erm... cousin yong said that's the place hk stars go shopping and was hoping to bump into one or two! hahaha... well, we didn't but we found the goldfinch restaurant, the shooting site for 'in the mood for love' (staring tony leung and maggie cheung) and '2046' (staring tony leung and faye wong). in anticipation to a late dinner (wedding dinners in hk starts at 9pm), we had 4 different kinds of toasts shared among the 4 of us and drank 'lai cha' (the hk version of our teh susu). i thought 'lai-cha' sucks, but cousins said they should serve such teas at home! urgh!

after tea, walked all the way to victoria harbour to take the ferry over to tsim sha tsui. only HKD2.20! dirt cheap by hk standards! anyway, it's a very very long walk, something i would not even consider if i were back in m'sia! and so, my nike decided to protest... sheesh!

anyway, our exploring made the whole family late for the wedding dinner. we got back to the hotel at abt 6pm. luckily the restaurant was just opposite our hotel, so we just need to traipse down the subway on our side of the road and up the other side and we're practically at the restaurant's doorway! even so, we were very very late, coz in hk, guests start arriving at wedding dinners at around 5pm! apparently, guests like to play a round of mah-jong or cards or to chit-chat b4 the actual makan. what a waste of time!

however, one event dampened this trip for me. on the 1 hour plus ferry ride from hk to macau (flew back to kl from macau), i put my paper bag of hk phoenix biscuits (bought at causeway bay) at my feet. upon reaching macau harbour, i rushed to the luggage compartment to retrieve my cabin bag, forgetting about that bag of biscuits. but i remembered it the moment i stepped out of the ferry door, so i rushed back in to get it. but it was gone! i think i only left it for about 5 minutes, and it was gone! so fast! urgh! dad said must be the work of someone sitting near me. when he/she saw that i just walked off without remembering to take it, he/she must have quickly taken it! so sad, coz other than the 2 boxes of phoenix biscuits and 2 packs of butter cookies in that bag, i also had the can of hk coke that i got for N, an ardent coke collector, and a very nice horse-racing collar pin presented to me by a girl from the hk tourism dept when i did a questionaire for their survey. *sigh... what luck!

well, can only be grateful that i thought of putting all my last minute purchases into my cabin bag, even tho i had to open up the bag on the floor of a public toilet coz din wan the whole world to have a peek into my luggage!

anyway, i'm still in the process of uploading my pics onto the www. also, planning to consolidate those taken by bro n cousin wah (and if possible those taken by the professional photographer during the wedding n dinner) to be uploaded into my online album. will send out invites to friends to view once it's done (hopefully won't take too long!)

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

solitarily me

why is it when ppl see that we're alone, we would be perceived as pitiful? whenever friends hear that i go to watch movie or shopping alone, they'll spew remarks like, "aiyo, y so ke-lian (pity)?" or "y degraded to this level?". is it me, or is there something very wrong with society's mindset?

personally, i have no issues with being alone. i may be alone, but that doesn't mean i'm lonely. 'wu-liao', yes, sometimes, but never lonely. dun get me wrong, i have nothing against having companions. it'll be great to have someone to watch movies with or to shop together or to do things together. but what if our shopping kaki can't make it on the one and only day we're free? sit around at home and mope abt our sorry self? heck no! i'm not gonna waste away my day like that!

but *gasp*!! m i getting too used to being single?? hahaha... dun mind me, this is just one of my ramblings, provoked by some comments i got from going for memoirs of a geisha companionless.

oh, n happy valentine's day to everyone!

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

life back to normal...

but then again, what IS normal??

so tired... after the week long holiday, so many things to follow up! but so lemah to tackle them... why? oh why do i have to work???

on a more +ve note, i'm looking forward to my hk trip next week! going over to macau as well... can't wait. but this time not as excited as the last time i went... maybe coz i've been there, or maybe coz it's just a short trip. not sure if we'll be going to hk disneyland...

Saturday, 4 February 2006

cny '06

1st day of cny, brought outstation (piao) cousins to Jonker Walk. seems like there's no other place to go in m'ca... *sigh...


with US cousin...


2nd day of cny, (tang) cousins belanja us lunch, n lunch was interrupted by this 'lang-sai'.

lion dance

night of 2nd day, gathering with (piao) cousins... here with Jean (Singapore cousin's maid), nieces Kelly, Careen and Li Huey.

jean & nieces

i'm quite close with Jean, coz every time i go to singapore, i sleep with her! and she likes to talk to me... what to do, i'm a good listener mar...


oh, n i help Jean with the kids too... coz i'm their fav ah yee!

jean & nieces

3rd day of cny, went for gathering with 2 groups of ex-classmates. 1st group was with my f6 mates, as shown here. abt 13 of us showed up. 2nd group was with my f5 galfriends... forgot to take pics, coz was too bz yakking!