Tuesday, 14 February 2006

solitarily me

why is it when ppl see that we're alone, we would be perceived as pitiful? whenever friends hear that i go to watch movie or shopping alone, they'll spew remarks like, "aiyo, y so ke-lian (pity)?" or "y degraded to this level?". is it me, or is there something very wrong with society's mindset?

personally, i have no issues with being alone. i may be alone, but that doesn't mean i'm lonely. 'wu-liao', yes, sometimes, but never lonely. dun get me wrong, i have nothing against having companions. it'll be great to have someone to watch movies with or to shop together or to do things together. but what if our shopping kaki can't make it on the one and only day we're free? sit around at home and mope abt our sorry self? heck no! i'm not gonna waste away my day like that!

but *gasp*!! m i getting too used to being single?? hahaha... dun mind me, this is just one of my ramblings, provoked by some comments i got from going for memoirs of a geisha companionless.

oh, n happy valentine's day to everyone!


Anonymous said...

happy v-day!


lotsachi said...

i agree, being alone doesn't mean one is lonely. i think it's more 'ke-lian' to be lonely in a group of people--lost.

i had a great time spending my V-day alone. though it was short (the time i had, coz i had to work), but i DID spent some quality time at starbucks (reading a novel while sipping coffee ;)), walked to the mall to 'splurge'--bought myself some lovely (and kinda expensive) gifts (clothes--shirts lah, ok. :P) and essential stuff ;) mmmmm...burnt a hole in my wallet but felt very happy. haha! you know what, today is the day to SPEND money on loved one, and i LOVE myself very much. ;) heh, so there you go. justified!

Sour-Lyn said...

Hey girl - those kind of people who "kesian" people who do things alone are highly insecure and cannot stand their own company. I love watching movies on my own, having a coffee on my own etc especially when I am sick of having people around me! There's a difference between having no choice but to be alone and choosing to be alone, which a lot of people cannot differentiate so tough for them lah!

stargal said...

happy v-day to u too, t! :Þ

lotsachi, excuses only! not v-day also u spurge like mad wan lar! so like me! hehehe... but since it's v-day, ok lar, not gonna scold u.

sour-lyn, couldn't agree with u more! poor things, those ppl *shaking head sadly*