Monday, 11 September 2006

phone gripe

me: i called my mom juz now n told her abt my new hairstyle...
n: then?
me: suddenly only, she starts complaining abt me not being serious in getting a life partner!
n: har???
me: yeah man, i was like 'huh?' tiba-tiba saja kena, u know!
n: wah... what she said?
me: she said she kept chanting and chanting for me, but still no results. apa lar, own prayers dun show results, blame me pulak! hehe...
n: aiya, my mom also same lar. always say i 'jor-teng' (take up space) at home. what kinda mother is that, i ask u??
me: haha... ya lor, what kinda moms we have ar?! kenot stand man!
n: hehe... eh, ask ur mom can chant for me as well ar?
me: ???


Anonymous said...

this stargal wanna me to pen down what i have told her earlier..

Here it goes...
Ei Stargal , if u dunwan arr, pls divert ur mom's prayings for me arr.. im still so single also

Please please ... ask ur mom to pray for me also, dont waste mah, share share... And remember mention my name !!
Sharing is caring! dont you think so? Wink wink

apa macam?

hahhaha sound so desperate.. blek

stargal said...

wah... yuen-lai my mom's prayers so laku geh wor... keke...

eh, u want prayers, go pray urself! mana boleh share-share geh? u think what? gula ar, share-share? :Þ

Anonymous said...

i dont want share gula gula
I want whole packet of gula gula


Sei mei.. kekekeke


Biow said...

ke ke.. ur mom so desperate for you.. :P

stargal said...

biow, yeah man! now i can practically memorize her lines jor! *rolling eyes*