Monday, 22 January 2007

snippets: siem reap trip

N: wah, u bought a guide book already?
me: ya lar, need to start researching and planning jor mar.
N: *beams* i feel so lucky! ok, u do everything lar. i just follow.
me: sei poh... u owe me one ar!
N: hehe... when 2 ppl are together, one would need to be the lock while the other is the key. now u're the stronger key. so i be the lock lor. see how ngam we are together!
me: sorry hor, it's because u're the stronger lock that i'm 'forced' to be the key!
N: hehehe... dun say like that lar, even tho' it's true... i know u also enjoy becoming the key geh... *grins*
me: *shoots off killer darts with eyes*


mom: cambodia ar? just u and N? very daring hor?
me: hehe...
dad (in the background): *grumble*grumble* of all places *grumble* so dangerous *more grumble* only 2 girls *grumble somemore*
me: what is dad ngam-ngam cham-cham abt there?
mom: aiya, we talk when u come back lar. phone bills very expensive.
me: ok! bye!


N's sis: bodohnya. of all the places to go, u 2 chose siem reap. choose lar places with more expensive flights. wasted the free tix only.
N: we like ar... so what if the macau flight is the most expensive? we're just not interested!
me: yeah lor. and i've been to macau, so no point going there again just because it's the most expensive tix offered.
N: ya lor. dun be so kiasu lar!


me: N and i are going to siem reap in july. wanna join us?
k: har, want meh? i've been there last year.
me: oh, ok lor.
k: y u chose there, of all places?
me: we've been wanting to go for so long.
k: har? lemme tell u what they have there. they have the biggest temple, the oldest temple, the temple with the plants, the tallest temple, the weirdest temple..... it's all temples!
me: hahaa... i know. it's the temples that we wanna see lor!
k: oh............. then u 2 enjoy lar.


me: guess what? i was e-mailing this stranger from my workplace, and he's really a si-fu in backpacking. he's been to so many places!
N: then? did u ask him for any tips on siem reap?
me: of course lar... he gave us the phone number of his tuk-tuk driver there!
N: wah, power man! he even has a personal driver in siem reap!
me: haha... yeah. and get this. the tuk-tuk driver even has an e-mail address!! dun play-play oh!
N: *utter wide-eyed speechlessness*


me: we need to bring this, that, bla bla bla...
N: do u think i should bring along my sleeping bag?
me: *incredulous look* sai mm sai ar?
N: sai geh. what if our guesthouse room is very geli? i won't be able to sleep lor. i kenot tahan!
me: won't be so bad geh lar. and it'll only be for a few days!
N: i dun care. i'll think seriously abt bringing. lemme plan my luggage first.
me: u're so mah-fan. if u have to be so im cheem abt such things, then y u still like to go to such places? if u like traveling to 3rd world countries, then u should expect a certain degree of geli-ness mar. u can always clean up when u come back.
N: no, i won't be able to stand it.
me: fine. but dun expect me to help u carry ur stuff!
N: *gives crushed look*
me: *serious face* nah, lemme make it clear first ar. i dun like ppl to tumpang their stuff in my bag geh ar. the extra space in my luggage are reserved for all my shopping.
N: wah, macam u're gonna buy a lot of things like that!
me: *burst out laughing*
N: we'll be buying lots of miniature stupas and temples and arranged it all over the place!
me: haha... yeah, and we're gonna get all pious when we get back!


Anonymous said...

wah lau ler

can check with ur fren ada tuktuk number/personal driver in Chiengmai ar??

ngek ngek ngek


Biow said...


how come can get free tix one?? really free?

stargal said...

t, that one not my friend lar. i tak kenal punya... just some guy from the mother company. not even my clg pun!

biow, air asia giving/gave away 1mil free tix! but we only managed to get one way free... return still need to pay, but only RM39.99/tix lar. and only the tix is free... airport tax still need to pay.