Tuesday, 17 July 2007


that means "i'm home!" in japanese, in case some of u dunno...

still trying to organize and upload my photos to flickr. juz found out blardy yahoo! is going thru changes and i'll need to set up a new account with flickr and move all my yahoo! photos there. couple that with a slow as hell connection and u can imagine how frustrating it is to load abt 600 photos onto the net! maybe i should consider going to the internet cafe to load my photos... would their connection be fast enough for me to load all my pics in 1 hour?

anyway, will attempt to blog abt my siem reap experience, tho' there're so many things to say abt it, i dunno if i can manage! will see how, k?

till then, i need a holiday from my holiday!

p/s: was gonna post one of my pic as a preview, but seems like the connection is not moving at all! so have given it up. u all will hav to wait for my entry (soon, i hope!)


Biow said...


some jumble they always tell u welcome to the shop?

anyway, the tranfer shd be backgnd.. once u hv the flickr acct they will transfer everything for u.. u just wait til confirmation letter or 72hrs..

how was it? FUN??

=t= said...

ahem... mana souvenir I? no wonder u 'hilang' so long dy!!

stargal said...

biow, should be 'okairinasai'. anyway, yeah, all my existing photos were transfered. but i still need to set up the account first mar.

yep, it was a real eye-opening experience!

t, u miss me ar? hehe...

=t= said...

ya la miss u laa
kenot bitch here n there liao!

cepat cari kerja and we can back to online chatting liao! wajajjaa