Thursday, 10 April 2008

korean cravings...

*this is a repeat post that i did earlier for another blog that i'm a co-author to


oh, so excited! i just went for my lunch and guess what i found? a korean restaurant near my office! it's called Jen's Korean Cafe... the price is reasonable and the food is not bad too! but one thing is, they don't serve the side dishes...

i think for some, korean food is an acquired taste... and not everyone can take the taste. but for me, it was love at first taste! and i always judge a korean makan place based on their bibimbab. a bibimbab is basically a dish made up of rice, various types of vege, beef/chicken and fried egg. it's eaten by stirring in the gochujang (chili pepper paste). and it's simply yummy! if their bibimbab is good, then i'll say the restaurant is good! hahaha...

this is a dolsot bibimbab, meaning bibimbab in a claypot.

ok, back to my lunch... Jen's place is quite ok, considering it's not very pricey. but oh dear! would it be bibimbab everyday from now on??? hopefully i'll be able to control my cravings!

bibimbab photo from wikipedia

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