Monday, 25 May 2009

an unfortunate event last friday...

on friday after work last week, i left the office at abt 8pm and was driving to N's place to have dinner with her. i was at the "jln leisure mall" (as YW calls it! hahahaha...) when suddenly i heard a small explosion! and immediately felt my car tilt backwards to the right! i was like, "oh shit, my tyre burst!" i immediately turned on my hazard lights and made my way to the left shoulder of the road (in after hours traffic!).

after stopping, i called N and told her what happened. and the good soul immediately came to my rescue!

omigosh! look at that! luckily the traffic was pretty heavy and i was travelling
at quite a slow pace. if i were speeding, i'm sure the car would have overturned!

by the time N arrived, the traffic has thinned somewhat,
but the cars were zooming by pretty fast!

as the burst tyre was facing the traffic, N and i decided that it'll be too dangerous for us
two gals to change it. so she engaged her cousin bro's help (guys will work faster mah!).
here, we have nothing else better to do while waiting for cousin bro to come

my saviour!

N's task was to alert the passing cars of our presence there by waving around a flashlight

a better view of my tyre! scary, right?


Emily said...

How did that happen? Flat tyre I heard of, but exploding ones? first time wor.

Yup! thank goodness you were travelling slowly.

stargal said...

my guess is the tyre too old liao... actually this is my 2nd tyre explosion! first one happened few years back on the highway when i was on my way back home! but that was not was serious as this...

Biow said...

OMG.. show the pics to your dad! *hint*..

glad you are safe and really fortunate you are not fast at that time.. so scary if it's that..

stargal said...

haha... yeah, planning to show it to him. that's y i took the pic in the first place! :P