Monday, 20 July 2009

Departures (おくりびと)

me: N, this movie highly recommended by M. she said very good wor...
N: oh? what is it about?
me: it's abt a cellist who became jobless when the orchestra he was playing for in tokyo was disbanded. so he moved back to his hometown with his wife. one day, he came across a recruitment ad and he mistook it for a travel agent. it was only when he went for his interview that he realized that it was actually a company offering "encoffinment services" to the deceased. due to the high pay, he decided to try the job out. and even though his family and friends are strongly against him doing this 'filthy' job, he realized that this is actually a form of art in itself and found gratification in the process of assisting the deceased in their transition to the 'other side'.
N: so... what has this movie got to do with cello?
me: nothing lar...
N: but u stressed on the word "cellist" right from the beginning wor!
me: hehe... just to grab your attention mar...
N: =_='''


hehe... actually, there are some parts with the main actor playing the cello lar. not entirely cello-free... and the song is very nice! of course lar... composed by joe hisaishi mar! keke...

anyway, this movie really opens up our eyes to the ceremony of cleansing the corpse before resting it into the coffin. i find this part about the japanese culture very beautiful. the whole family will be present during the cleansing, and the noukanshi (encoffiner) performs the rite in a graceful and respectful manner, with measured movements and and expertise.

this is so different from the chinese culture, where it's considered bad luck (or whatever) to look at our deceased family members going through this process.

the movie also portrayed the protagonist's journey from being grossed out by the thoughts of handling a corpse to his full understanding and acceptance that death is just another part of life.

there is nothing gory or scary about this movie. on the contrary, the whole movie was filmed beautifully, with deep respects for the dignity and soul of the departed and their family.

for those who've not watched it, go catch it! but be warned... you'll need at least one packet of tissue with u! :)

visit the official english website here.

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Biow said...

showing on cinema?

sounds like a must watch!

stargal said...

gsc is showing it here under international screen... dunno abt in sg ler.

yes, it's a must watch! let me know if it's not showing there and u can't find it... i'll "marilla cuthbert" one for u! ;)