Thursday, 6 August 2009

more videos of chewie...

took out my old phone and was looking through my gallery when i came across these videos of chewie at abt 5 months old...


the "come" command. an obedient dog will:
1) recognize their name
2) come running when called
3) sit quietly in front of you when it reaches you, instead of jumping up or stand up on its hind legs on your legs (or chest for bigger dogs!)


in trying to burn out all her excess energy after being cooped up in the cage the whole day, i played fetch with her nearly everyday when i got home. but after a tiring day at work, i don't wanna be running around picking up her toys or running after her trying to wrestle back the toy from her. so here's what i taught her to do:
1) run to get the toy like it's the best game in the world!
2) run back to me with the toy
3) drop the toy at my feet when reach me
4) sit down patiently for the "good girl" cue and her treat

later i taught her to put the toy into my hand when i say "give". hehehe... but no video of that...


out of a fit of fancy, i taught her to bow! can't really see here, coz there weren't anyone to take the video for me at the time. so had to take these closed-up ones myself... anyway, at the "bow" command, she'll lower her 2 front legs onto the floor and rest her chin in between her legs, while her rump is still up! dem cute lar, this trick! everyone who saw it was deeply impressed! even the coaches at the obedient school have not taught this trick... hehe...

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Mona said...

sob sob sob.......missing those daysler....

have to admit, she's much obedient than Niji. :)

stargal said...

yeah neh, aching for her! :'(

obedient? maybe we should say she's more tam-jiak than niji! hahaha...

but then again, last time i didn't know how to train them. u know how many training books i read for chewie??? kekeke...