Friday, 25 September 2009

to be or not to be?

N and i are always disagreeing over this matter. while i get frustrated with N for her misleading demeanor, she's disgusted by my bold frankness.

i'm talking abt our behaviour towards guys. more specifically, lame guys. even tho' both of us will agree that certain guys are really lame and will discuss abt the degree of their lameness between ourselves, she will still treat them nicely and entertain them. me, on the other hand, will always let them know that i've no interest in their lameness. of course, i don't tell them right off or ignore them totally, but i'll use my body language to show that i'm not enjoying their company (and hopefully they'll leave me alone!).

for example, during our recent trip, there was this really lame guy, whom both N and i agreed is the lamest among all the lamers we've been unfortunate enough to meet so far. and he would not leave us alone!

so what i did was, i refused to engage in a conversation with him. whenever he asked me a question, i just gave a one word answer and then turned away or talked abt something else to other ppl that totally excluded him. even when we're eating at the same table, i just made as if he's not there, unless he talked to me directly. mean, right?

however, N would still entertain him. when he asked her a question, she'll answer him, and then add in other info/elaboration/explanation/question. she said she can't bring herself to be so mean to ppl. she feels bad to hurt them like that.

but i don't think i'm being mean ler... it's not that i totally ignore them when they talk to me. i'm just subtly implying to them that they bore me to death without telling it outright to their face. i mean, they need to know how lame they are so that they'll learn to say/ask more interesting things to a girl, right? if we keep treating them nice, they'll always have this delusion that we're enjoying their company, which in turn will make us suffer even more!

anyway, my take is that i went on that trip to enjoy myself. so why should i force myself to entertain lame ppl if i don't feel like it and spoil my whole trip?

hmm... now i can see why N is the more popular one between us. she's the sweet one and i'm the stuck-up bitchy one! all my own doing! hehe...


Nano said...

ha ha ha... u r more popular la dear...u got so many admirers even u hinted them that they are not welcomed..

stargal said...

i'm more popular coz i have 'a sense of humour'??? hahaha... anyway, it's true lar... all the guys scared of me. but i dun mind. i prefer it that way too! esp the lame ones... thanks to u, they'll leave me alone! :P