Friday, 7 May 2010


1. the orchestra had a 2d1n music exchange with our klang counterparts last weekend, held in klang kaikan. so about 70+ of us went over and stayed for a night. the girls' dorm were occupied by only the female participants of this exchange, but the boys had to share the male dorm with the klang gym boys. and as our 2 groups have totally different schedules, the gym boys' practice sessions ended long after ours. so long after, that our boys have all lined up their mattresses and some even gone to sleep, before the gym boys started to trickle in. so just as our boys were about to drift off to dreamland, they were suddenly being treated to a cacophony of banging bathroom doors every time someone goes in or comes out from the bathroom. after a while, KS just can't take it anymore...

KS: you guys have kidney failure issit, keep going in and out of the toilet?!?
(of course, i didn't hear this myself, coz this happened in the male dorm! someone reported it to N and i the next day... :P)

2. still in klang, at breakfast the next morning
N: so did u sleep well yesterday?
KL: no
me: very hot and stuffy in the male dorm also, right? we also didn't sleep well!
KL: no. it's because there were a lot of MEN there...
N & me: =_='''

3. colleague talking on the phone, in the office
colleague: ...that's "c" as in china, "a" as in australia, and "n" as in nipple...
me: *nearly snorted green tea out of my nostrils* (Nepal pronounced as nipple???)

4.  talking to a caller, in the office
caller: can we fish from the balcony?
me: yes, you can
caller: are the fishes big?
me: no sir. as our chalets are in shallow waters, only small fishes will swim up close enough
caller: aiya, but i want big fishes. like sharks, marlins... all those only fishes only nice lar...
me: haha... then sir, you'll need to go to open sea for those
caller: aiyo, there got a lot of PILOTS one...
me: *trying hard not to burst out laughing*

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