Thursday, 20 January 2011

encounter with the (non)supernatural

riding in the bus on the way to work this morning, my graphics artist, sweet sheila, turned to me and said, “bossie (cantonese version of “boss”), yesterday night i jorng che (cantonese: encountered with the supernatural).” immediately my skin started to prick, coz we stay in the same building and the last thing i want to know is that the building i’m staying in is “dirty”!

anyway, she proceed to relate to me how last night, soon after she’s turned off her lights to go to sleep at about 12.30am, she felt her bed being shaken rather violently! her room mate was on night duty and she was alone in her room. it was as if someone was hiding underneath her bed and was shaking her bed from below, but she knew no one can possibly be hiding under there, as there were a lot of stuff under her bed and furthermore, the space below there were rather narrow. she was so stunned that she just didn’t know what to do. after a while, it stopped and she jumped out from her bed to turn on her lights. but nothing was amiss… nothing fell from her cabinets, all her skin care bottles didn’t topple over… it was really puzzling. then she got very angry and decided that if it happens again, she’s gonna scold and cuss whoever/whatever is disturbing her.

the whole time i was listening to her, i was so scared. damn, and i’m staying alone! as we went shopping after work yesterday and got home at 11pm, sweet sheila was speculating that maybe “something” followed us home in the late hours. yikes!!

then we got to the office and i was scrolling through facebook to see the latest posts posted by my friends… and guess what? it turned out there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake at pakistan yesterday night near the border of iran and afghanistan, and the tremors could be felt right up to dubai!

ok, i know an earthquake is no laughing matter and i really feel sorry for those countries and people hit by natural calamities, but i laughed like a mad woman when i read about this earthquake! maybe i should start calling my artist silly sheila instead! :D

p/s: no, i didn’t feel anything even though i was still awake at that time. i think it’s coz i was on the 2nd floor and sweet sheila was on the 3rd floor.


Biow said...

i also never felt tremor when i was with EM and he said he saw the PC shake during 2 of the indonesia earthquake/tremor.. i'm insensitive :P

stargal said...

i felt the indonesia one last time... hehe...

gina said...

This is damn funny actually. I was like thinking, how can it be funny.. got ghost you know.. LOL!!

Yes, hope that not many were hurt in the catastrophe.

stargal said...

yeah, and it turned out, the "ghost" was actually shaking pakistan! :D