Saturday, 11 June 2011

me and my gang members…

i’ve formed a gang here recently. or rather, a few of my colleagues and i have formed a gang recently. actually, most of us don’t have much in common. yeah sure, some of us love books… some of us are chinese… some of us speak malay… some of us are from the same departments… some of us even have a few overlapping similarities to the common grounds as mentioned earlier, but that’s not the reason our gang was formed. the one and only reason for the existence of our gang is that whenever we get together, we’re always talking about food! so we’ve called ourselves the makan-makan gang! :D

every beginning of the month or so, when we get our salaries, we’ll always think of places to go have a good meal. so far, we’ve been to:

P1080620chinese steamboat buffet…

P1080646korean food…

P1080774indonesian food… this is mee soto, by the way.

other than going out for meals, we’ve also started inviting each other over to our place for some home-cooked makan, especially now that the weather is getting too hot for us to venture outside.

P1080640joyous josephine, an indonesian chinese and nice girl natalie, a filipino are from the hr department. they were very kind to invite me over to nice girl natalie’s place for some home-cooked dinner when they heard that i’m just gonna go home and cook myself some mee cup.

DSC07263home-made steamboat, also at nice girl natalie’s place.

actually, all of us claim that we seldom cook, only cooking “once in a blue moon”. so every time we get an invitation to someone’s place for home-cooked meal, we’ll joke that there’s a blue moon that day. hence the “blue moon” has turned into something like a code for us, which means that someone has decided to cook on a certain day. so it’s not uncommon to hear us saying, “the moon at nice girl natalie’s place is going to be blue this thursday!”, or “so, where and when is the next blue moon going to appear?”, or “your turn to have a blue moon, huh?” etc.

anyway, our gang consists of:

DSC07285 yours truly, of course! :P

P1080617 the 2 gals from hr as mentioned…

P1080618 sweet sheila, my artist from china and smiling rachel from finance, an indonesian chinese

DSC07268yakking yvette from sales, another chinese national

P1080651and finally, the latest member to join us, lovely lily from events, a fijian (she’s the one sitting opposite me). sorry for the blur photo, but i can’t find a good one with a clear shot of lovely lily in it.

looking forward to the next makan, either eating out or a “blue moon”! :D


Biow said...

woah.. that's nice girl bonding you have there..

stargal said...

yups! bonding and fattening up! :D

gina said...

I guess stomach is the most agreeable part of our body... as long as the belly is full, everybody is happy. :D

Nice to see you find a bunch of makan friends there to keep you company.

stargal said...

yups... but there goes my diet! hahaha... :D