Tuesday, 3 January 2012

happy new year from the land of the shimmering sands!

a bit late, but better late than never, right? anyway, i spent my new year's eve and new year's day just like in my previous years... avoiding all the crowded places and just lazed around at home. i did went out to have new year's eve dinner with my 2 colleagues tho', just to make it slightly special and different than any other weekend.

oh, and i was recovering from a flu, due to the weather change in sandland. the temperature is getting quite cold now... something to be grateful for, instead of the scorching heat of the summer!

ok, i know everyone's talking about new year's resolutions, something which i'm determined NOT to make every year, but somehow still managed to come up with a semblance of a resolution.

this year, i'm NOT gonna make any. i swear... but just let me give a little update about myself here in sandland, in point-form.

1. i really enjoy having the whole apartment to myself, which gives me plenty of privacy and me-time.

2. i've been cooking a lot, on and off, mostly simple meals. i feel i have a knack for cooking, even though i've not had much practice *perasan*. i'm thinking of getting a smallish oven, so that i can try my hands at baking simple stuff like muffins etc. i also need something to heat leftover food with, so an oven would come in really handy.

3. work wise, things are going quite ok lar. work is just work, so nothing much to talk about... i have made some good friends among my colleagues, as well as some enemies but who said life is all a bed of roses, right? and like what a colleague told me, "we're not here to make people like us. as long as we feel what we're doing is right, there's no need to think too much about it." anyway, those who hate me are just jealous of my awesomeness lah! *flicks hair* :D

4. relationship wise, i'm still happily single and available... still have not found that special someone yet. or rather, like what my colleague said, still have not been found! YET! :D

5. my horse-riding lessons are still on-going... loving every moment of it!

6. financial wise, things are fine too, tho' i kinda regret having hastily invested in a 10-year savings plan that is leaving me quite dry every end of the month, with not much spending cash in hand. now, i can only look on the brighter side of things, that is i finally have some savings put aside.

i guess that's about it... happy new year, y'all!


Biow said...

*yay* a toast to a somewhat resolution :)

think u shd get a oven and a mixer.. baking is so fun.. i have not been baking.. when i'm free, i will resume my baking..

stargal said...

i know baking is fun, it's the cleaning up that's a bitch! hehehe... *toast back*

gina said...

Happy belated new year! And now.. gong xi fa cai!

I have no patience for baking. Haha.

Cooking simple meals.. maggi mee don't count ok! Haha!

gina said...

About getting your better half.. I guess you just need to keep your heart open coz when the great love comes to embrace you, you will be all ready. :)

stargal said...

gong xi fa chai to u too, gina! as for keeping my heart open, oh i'm ready all right. just have not found anyone who can fill it... ;)