Sunday, 8 April 2012

meitu xiuxiu photo editor

updated (19 apr 2012): if you're looking for an english based photo editor, read this!

sweet sheila introduced me to this super easy to use photo editor, meitu xiu xiu (美图秀秀). unfortunately, it's all in chinese (for now. let's all cross our fingers and hope they come up with an english version very soon!) anyway, it's still a good photo editor app and if u're not doing any serious designing or photo editing work, i feel this is good enough for us. and really, it's quite straightforward and easy to understand, even for a banana like me!

still, if u're really clueless about which button to click on, you can refer to this blog which i came across for a quick basic tutorial in english.

they have a web version, so you can choose to either download it or work with the web version. you can either click on the link or from the main page, choose the web version as circled in the pic below. my chrome browser automatically translates everything into english (except those embedded text lah), so your browser might not show the same english words as below.
as you can see, they even have versions for iphone, android and ipad!

for those of you bananas who can understand spoken chinese, you can also go through the video tutorials by clicking the button as circled in the pic below.
so many types of tutorial to suit your needs...

anyway, biow was asking me about the background that i used for my globetrotter amineko in my craft blog. so here's where you click to add the background, as circled and numbered below.
there are lots of background to choose from!

other than these features, there are many more other features to play around with, such as lomo, vignetted,  cosmetics, adding in icons, texts, etc etc. so just take your time to explore, click all the buttons and see what they do! it's kinda fun! :)

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