Wednesday, 30 May 2012

2nd birthday in sandland...

taking a break from travel blogging (ok, i know i've been lazy. will find the mood to continue with my turkey trip soon! hehe), i guess i need to record down this annual event of my life lar: my birthday. last year was nothing special, just an ordinary weekend in my ordinary life. this year, i'd LOVE to say that it was very special, but hehe... it's quite ordinary as well :P

the greetings started coming in at the stroke of midnight, or rather, at the stroke of midnight m'sian time! so touched that my buddies and friends remembered, especially since i've removed my birthday from facebook :")

anyway, had a mini meltdown for a while, right after i sent an sms to my mom to thank her for everything. another year away from my family and loved ones! but all is good, so pulled myself up, regrouped, and went about the rest of my day as per normal.

as it was a working day, my colleagues prepared a cake for me. it's actually quite standard lar, as we have a departmental budget for these kinda things... but it was quite sweet just the same.

cake pic with instagram...

with my departmental colleagues... 

haha... look at that long knife! and i didn't realize my colleague was posing behind me like that! :D

the cake was so chocolaty and thick (as in consistency) that it was so difficult to cut into!

stargal: boss, what is this? *showing the photo*
boss: omygad, who is that?
stargal: boss, u're the only one wearing blue today =_='''
boss: i dunno what u're talking about. so many people wearing blue today *pointing at my other colleagues whom none of them were wearing blue*

with our director. this other colleague's birthday is this coming weekend, so we sang her a song as well... :)

well, that's another year in the bag!


Biow said...

your boss so sporting one.. all my bosses were/are serious type.

may your life filled with good fortune and happiness.

stargal said...

yeah, i dare say that most of the bosses i've had are quite sporting...

thanks! :)