Thursday, 21 June 2012

like a true chinese!

boss: i like your new hairstyle. you look like a ninja. when your enemies approach, you just pull out the dagger from your hair and throw at them!
stargal: =_=''' boss, this is not a dagger!
boss: no? oh, then it's a pencil?
stargal: no, not a pencil also... it's a... a... a chopstick!
boss: aahhh... then you can just pull it out and eat at anytime!
stargal: yeah, like a true chinese! :P


Biow said...

really chopstick? i can never do that bun and stick anything straight thingy with my hair. i hv a friend who can stick pen, mechanical pencil, pencil..

stargal said...

it looks like a chopstick and is shaped like a chopstick, but it's not a chopstick... hehehe... it's really a stick for the hair. n yeah, we can substitute it with pencils and any stick-like things :)