Monday, 1 July 2013


ok, i know i've not been updating very consistently. one of the many reason is due to sheer laziness... hehe. anyway, here are some very quick updates on what's been going on for the earlier half of this year.

1. i went to france (paris and toulouse) in march, the "west-est" country on the globe i've been to thus far. this is also the first overseas trip with the significant other (to be known as "SO" henceforth). yes, there's a presence of an SO for quite some time now... hehe *blush*

2. i was going to go to greece in may, but had to cancel it due to point no. 3.

3. i applied and got transferred back to m'sia. so i'm officially not living in the land of the shimmering sands anymore, but on an island now.

4. things have been rather crazy with all the packing up of my desert abode, flying home, moving up north to the island, settling into my new job, looking for a new apartment... i finally moved into my new pad last weekend! yahoo!!

5. oh, and in between spending a few days back home and moving up north, i also managed to squeeze in a short getaway to the banjaran hotsprings retreat... a heavenly place! it's a belated birthday treat and pampering from the SO :)

ok, that's all for now!


Biow said...

welcome home :)
hope you adjust well to colleague and work.
must try the banjaran retreat one of these days. looks fab.

stargal said...

thanks. still adjusting :)