Sunday, 28 May 2006

Special Mother's Day


Dear Mummy,

I took my first gulp of air 28 years ago today, after I impatiently demanded to be released from the confines of your warmth into the cold outside. Now 28 years later, here i am, still using up the earth's oxygen and just as impatient and demanding! Haha... :)

For 28 years of love and care, here's wishing you "Happy Special Mother's Day". Thank you for everything.

Your daughter

* don't u think this is a better "Mother's Day" compared to the much-hyped about and commercialized one that falls on every 2nd Sunday of May?
** great, now the whole world knows my age!

anyway, this year's yields:

a birthday card. these things seem to be getting rather scarce nowadays...

a box of assorted Leonidas chocolates... yummers!

more chocs!

a handmade lunch invite to a 'secret place'...
*'secret place' turned out to be jogoya japanese buffet! yummy-licious, i tell u! but now seriously need to diet...

a bunch of roses! (along with a card and a cake, but the cake was devoured b4 we sempat take a pic of it) kebetulan it's also in pink, like the bunch i sent mom!



pink-pig phone holder

music-hearted red erm, thingy.
red thingy


Anonymous said...

siapa bagi flower. cepat spill it out once and for all...


stargal said...

wah t, very the kaypoh hor! hehehe... they're from the bass section of my orchestra lar. so touched...

hehe... sorry to disappoint you, not from any prince charming lor!

Biow said...

wah.. so much goodies!!
so touching the piece u wrote to ur mom.. u really bot her the flowers? WOW.. i've never buy my mom any!! yikes.

stargal said...

yeah biow, i ordered it via the net n had it delivered to her office... she was so happy! she said even dad also tak pernah send her flowers. hehe...

lotsachi said...

ooooh, so touchy. anyway, i also haven't bought my mum flowers. thought of that last month, but after some 'long' discussion with my friends here, i decided to buy her something. eh, it's a biggie already, ok! my friend promised to take it home and mail it to her--malaysian pos laju CHEAPER what! :P

well, she's back for a few weeks already, but the package is still with her! apalah! anyway, i'm not gonna spill the bean to my mum about the (surprise) gift i bought her. oh yeah, i bought her a gift set from elizabeth arden
(green tea collection) lah...siap with 2 free bags! ;P

stargal said...

lotsachi, dun worry. better late than never, rite?

i'm sure ur mom's gonna be surprised. and thrilled!

ah... so good daughters hor, us? heheh...