Wednesday, 19 July 2006

oi, answer leh!!!

so sad... no one answered my question... :'(

i asked:
if you were sweating in such a train, what would u think if u see a gal whip out a hand-held battery operated mini fan to fan herself?


YW said...

cool down gal, i think its okay for havin the hand held mini fan out there, juz do what u like, u may be one n d only one, who cares, no bother. I had one, u knew it, hehe.. but never had chance to use it most of the time, it looks like a toy for decoration on top of my desk now, so why bother, juz make full use of it ;p


Anonymous said...

hmm.. cool down la..
if i have that mini fan, i would think i would on it ler... as it would be so stinky and stuffy in the train la plus packed like a sardine there!


Biow said...

hmm.. why not u just try one day.. if the smell is worst w the fan blowing at you, then stop using? for me, i wouldn't care less wat the others think esp for strangers.

stargal said...

yw, u should use it more often lar... somemore urs so cute! bring to practice! would sure make the wind 'gals' jeles! hehe...

t, yeah, the trains are always packed like sardine! esp when i'm late, at abt 7.30-8.00. it's ok if earlier.

biow, no lar, no smell blowing towards me. coz i get on from the 1st station, so mostly get to sit. just the train's crappy ventilation system and (lack of) air-cond! really feel like fainting coz no air!

neeways, i've tried it! but i kept my eyes locked to my book lar, dare not have eye contact with anyone. not that i care abt what ppl think, just that i'm shy when everyone looks at me! hahaha... so pai-seh!