Saturday, 29 July 2006

videos from perak trip

finally managed to upload these to youtube using bro's broadband. some videos taken from one of our morning practice sessions during the perak peace charity culture festival 2006.

You Raise Me Up - one of our performance pieces. song arranged by our very own YW! *proud*

Medley from The Sound of Music - one of the songs we prepared for 'pre-performance' (strings only - dat's y can see those wind n brass players walking abt behind!)


YW said...

eh eh.. pai-sehnya.. played out of tune one.. ;p hehe.. anyway, that was a nice practice we had

stargal said...

yw, shhh... aiya, y u tell? let them think the bad sound was from the poor video quality mar... :Þ

YW said...

but the truth is also the poor video sound quality wor... hehe;p