Thursday, 31 July 2008

bento #1: bento mania!

saw these in auntyjo's blog and i JUST have to to get my hands on one set! coz i oredi have a flask of the same series, so this will complete my set. but when i went to scour isetan in klcc and and jusco in cheras selatan, i couldn't find it. argh! maybe i was looking at the wrong sections? then auntyjo so graciously offered to help get me a set, as she wanted to get 2 more sets for her gurls.

so auntyjo did a drive-by at my office yesterday to pass it to me... lurv it! auntyjo also gave me a book, a hard cover of "French Women for All Seasons: A Year of Secrets, Recipes and Pleasure", from the same author of "French Women Don't Get Fat". so super nice of her! thanks heaps, auntyjo! *muaks* ok ok, i'll start reading it ASAP so that we can discuss abt it and also exchange tips! hehe...

anyway, i've no plans to start bento-ing this week, as i have a lunch appointment today and will be outstation tmr. but was shopping with N in jusco midvalley yesterday night, and i just couldn't resist their packed meals that go on discount after 8.30pm everyday... so i bought a pack of 3-piece onigiri (for only RM2 after a 40% discount!) and i just can't wait to use my new bento box! i'll let the pictures do the narrating now... sorry if the pic quality is not that good, coz i used the handphone camera. no time for proper photo. will do a proper post on my thermos set later. ok ok, the photos...

my fav way of packing my bento! cute tak? very japanese-ish, kan?
i love this cutlery set... coz it's a 3-in-1.
very hard to find chopsticks in a fork & spoon set!

i only use one tier of the set, the metal box. the top part (the one with the
+ signs) is just a cover sort of thing. but dunno what purpose does it serve. maybe just to make it cantik kut!

ta-dah! today's breakfast:
3 small onigiri and a slice of pickled radish. yums! :P


LittleByLittle said...

Ooh looks yummy! And I do love the cutlery set of yours! Where did you get it from?

For your info, this color bento set has sold out!

stargal said...

got it from one of those gift shops... sNj, i think.

Bento Pet said...

Yummy onigiri! Nice furoshiki!

stargal said...

woo-hoo! the bento si-fu visited my blog! *beam*

thanks bento pet for dropping by, and also for commenting!