Tuesday, 5 August 2008

bento #2: breakfast & lunch

my bento for today...

this is the full set of the bento box auntyjo helped me get... (minus the furoshiki, of course!)

2 tiers of boxes; a plastic box and a slightly bigger metal one, with a plastic cover thingy and an elastic band, along with an insulated bag to put everything in

6 tartlets for breakfast... yums!

store-bought fried nissin noodles with chicken fillet and mushrooms, with some prawn chilly sauce. surprisingly, the small metal box can take in quite a lot of mee!


LittleByLittle said...

Wow! what a fantastic idea - store bought nissin noodles... now where have I come across this brilliant idea before....?

Why??? From me of course! LOL LOL !! So clever!

Wah six tartlets for breakfast - oi! not healthy lah, five will do!

Very nice presentation!

stargal said...

oh ya hor! hahaha... i was having dinner yesterday when i saw the menu and thot i can ta-pao something for bento!

the tartlets comes in 3s wor. so it's either 3 or 6. and 3 tartlets too little lar... hehe...