Thursday, 7 August 2008

bento #4: steamboat leftover

was at N's place for makan yesterday, coz it was N's new baby niece's full-moon celebration. had steamboat and there were lots of leftovers. so N asked me to pack some home... and ta-dah! another bento for today! hehe...

used the smaller plastic container for rice, coz rice is fattening! so need to ration that! in the metal box are quail eggs, fish balls, long fish meat thingy (dunno what that's called!), cuttlefish, fu-jook wrapped fish meat, japanese to-fu, fish and sui-kao (dumpling). sprinkled some parsley and splashed on some soy sauce, and we're ready to go!

had this for dinner, coz went out for lunch with the bosses and also, went for practice straight after work tonight. i always go to practice hungry... so since today is a rainy day and the jam will probably be worse than usual, decided to eat my bento in the office and leave office later. but even tho' it's gotten cold by then (boo to the company for not providing microwave!), it's still yummy!


Emily said...

Very healthy! Got nice cili & sweet sos to go with it or not!?

Stargal, careful2 eating bento food past the intended lunch hour. There are tons of info at Bento Pet's blog on bento-ing. Do visit!

Emily said...

Some good reading here:

stargal said...

no chili wor... as i dun cook, i dun really stock fresh produce in my fridge. only have soy sauce!

oh... ok, will do the reading up!