Wednesday, 17 December 2008

random conversations on my caving trip

me: would u be interested to join us for caving?
M: CAVING??? eh, i saw in the documentaries hor, got a lot of cases where the ppl got lost in the caves!
me: heh? no lar... got guides one mar
M: yes, but still will get lost one
me: and got trails one mar. just follow the trail. dun simply-simply walk lar
M: yeah lar, but still will get lost one. u'll never know...


me: ok, confirmed! going caving this weekend
M: scary
me: kekeke
M: forbidden
me: yeah lor... i also foresee u won't like
M: wooo... once in... no out
me: hahahaha
M: woooo... wooooo...
me: karut (nonsense) lar
M: tell san... once in... no out
me: she went before lar
M: never out. takkan keluar. won't out. tak keluar keluar. beh tan chut lai (can't come out)


me: i'm going caving. u interested to join?
yw: aiyo, no lar... like so scary
me: ok
yw: if u see Batman there, let me know ar


me: y dun wanna bring Ke Er?
N: my sis said very dangerous wor. worry the thing will collapse
me: aiyo, if after so many millions of years, the cave choose to collapse on the day we are there, then i also bo-pien (no choice) lar
N: and so happen to collapse on us, right?
me: yeah lar. then is really fated. nothing we can do


ks: ah sue ah yee, y is it called 'hei fong dong' ("black-wind hole" - mandarin name for batu caves)
me: erm... didn't you remember how dark it was inside just now?
ks: oh yeah, but 'fong' (wind) ler?
me: erm... erm... neh, just now there was one tunnel, where it was really windy, remember?
ks & ke: oohhh...
me: *phew*


Emily said...

Year end and all.... nothing to do ah?

Go claim your tag from my blog then!

stargal said...

year end very bz lar...

but k k... will see if i wanna do this. thanks! :)

Biow said...

keke.. all so scared of the cave..

stargal said...

biow, yeah lor... maybe coz it's not such a popular thing to do?