Wednesday, 10 June 2009

an afternoon outing to the skating rink...

since our first skating lesson in september 2004, this is the first time we actually took pictures at the rink!

N's nieces are up in kl this school holidays, so we brought them to the rink for some ice skating action. at the same time, it's also an opportunity for us to get a feel of the ice again, after more than 2 years of stopping our lessons.

tying our skates... must tie tight-tight o, if not u'll sprain your ankles!

helping ke shin with her skates... ke shin is wearing N's younger sister's skates! *ke shin, ask
ur xiao yi if you can "borrow" her skates... tell her u'll give it back when u outgrow it. hehehe...*

ke er waiting for her kai-kai ah yee to help her with her skates...

N tying her skates...

skates all tied up nicely... ready to go!

one last pic before storing our belongings into the locker...

the girls learning to do the swivel, with me looking on...

one pic to show mommy!

look at the wet bums! hehehe... of course will
fall down lar, but that did not deter the girls!

some videos that we managed to take...


the girls doing the swivel... N and i may not be great figure skaters,
but i think we're quite good coaches lor... hehehe... good job, girls! *proud*


my turn to perform! this is the one and only move that i'm still able to do
quite well and can be shown to all! hahaha... this is called the "pivot"

i would say the girls really enjoyed this outing... but despite protests of not staying longer at the rink, they were dead tired after abt 2 hrs plus of skating! there definitely will be a next skating trip!


Biow said...

wah.. very nice your pivot..

stargal said...

hehe, thanks. unfortunately, it's the only move i can still do well :(