Friday, 19 February 2010

year of the tiger...

i know i'm late, but just wanna wish everyone a happy and prosperity lao-hor (hokkien for tiger) year! :D

i'm back to work today, the 6th day of the lunar new year. did  not take any photos of my cny, but i ate a lot! put on like 3kg! argh!!! time to start dieting...

anyway, the weather this year is exceptionally warm! i was like withering in the heat... one thing to look forward to in coming back to work is the air-condition. hehe... and being the last unmarried child in the family (not like there were many of us to begin with), i can't escape the visits. with the older generation (my parent's aunts and uncles) getting older, not to mention that i normally see them only once a year, my parents think that i should make an effort to show my face... even if it means sitting quietly in a corner and staring stupidly at the tv (if there's one) or the packet drinks or the cookies that i've gotten too jelak (malay for palled) to eat.

so that's all for now... loads of work to catch up on!

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