Tuesday, 27 April 2010

my new "pet"...

hehe, that's what i told bossboss, when she came over to comment on the latest addition to my already cluttered work station.

it's this little container of water plant, given me by my colleague. its scientific name is centella asiatica, but is more commonly known by its local name, "pegaga". if you still don't know what plant this is, it's the plant used to make "cincau", or grass jelly!

it seems that this plant is under the "herb" category and has a lot of medicinal properties... but that's not the reason i'm keeping it. to read more about the medicinal properties of the pegaga, click here. for me, i like it because i've always liked water plants, and this particular kind is so easy to survive. they'll practically grow anywhere, even next to the drain in your backyard! so that makes it a very low maintenance "pet" for me! hehehe...

but eeks! it's turning yellow!

seems like it needs lots of sunlight, so my little bunch of pegaga is taking on a rather unhealthy colour. definitely not a good office plant - unless you have an office with a window that has sunlight streaming through!

but there's still hope yet!

look! more little pegagas popping up! told 'ja it's a hardy plant... so to save the rest of the still green ones from turning yellow, i've decided to bring them home, to sit on the coffee table in the middle of the living room where it'll get plenty of morning sun!

and i've even given it a sweet lil new home! :)

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