Tuesday, 22 June 2010

what's with football anyway?

i'm not a football fan. in fact, growing up, i hated football because every time i'd have to fight with my brother for tv rights when there's a match on. now, i don't hate it that much but i still don't like it!

however, with the world cup going on now, i still seem to know all the scores and goings on in the football field. how come, you may ask? because, all the kaki bola (malay for football fan) on facebook has suddenly become football commentators! every morning, i'll see the final scores of the previous night's games, and also some comments/taunts/opinions being posted up.

but come on lah! is there really a need for that? i mean, anyone who cares would have either watched it themselves or find out about the scores the first thing they wake up. and for those who don't care, what makes you think they'll be interested in your status post? *rolls eyes*


Biow said...

dun roll eyes on me..

stargal said...

biow, not u lar. u're not kaki bola... ;)