Monday, 16 August 2010

the city never sleeps...

and if this city never sleeps,
does that mean that no one ever dreams?

went up to look out point a few weeks back... my first time there. 11 years i've been in muddy estuary and i didn't even know that such a place existed!

anyway, it's a place on top of a hill (dunno what hill, but it's in hulu langat) and there are a few restaurants that offer under-the-stars dining with a fantastic view of the city skyline. the food at the restaurant of our choice, the haven restaurant, is nothing to shout about, but i guess the food is secondary for most people who go there...

a good place to chill out with friends and enjoy the cooling breeze of the hills when the air in the city gets a tad stifling. it's also a great place to practice our *nighttime photography! :D

*the above photo was taken using my panasonic lumix compact, which i discovered has a night scene mode that actually slows down the shutter speed! :P

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