Tuesday, 3 August 2010

miri/mulu: day 5

ok, final installment. and a short one too, i swear!

day 5 was more like a free & easy day. our flight was late at night, hence we had the full day to kill. so after a breakfast of sarawak laksa (forgot to take photo!), ryuu brought us to the pasar tamu (sunday market) to have a look at the local produce there... there were 2 sections at the pasar tamu, but we only went to the orang asli (indigenous people) section.

some scenes from pasar tamu...

i bought 1/2 kilo of buah salak coz i've not tried them before. doesn't it reminds you of armadillos?

peel off their snake-like skin, and the flesh inside is cream coloured...

there's a pit inside... it has a tiny bit of nangka taste n texture, but also a bit sour.

next, ryuu drove us over to the handicraft centre... something like our central market here in kl, only much smaller!

after that, ryuu was very excited to show us this balinese shop that sells all sorts of authentic (dunno how true) balinese furniture and interior deco. N bought this, and she claimed it's her best buy in this entire trip!

and then it's lunch time! we went to this food court place near the balinese furniture shop and i had this typical fu-zhou dish called ding bian hu... it's a bit like our mee-hoon-kueh, but according to ryuu (a proud fu-zhou himself!), it's made differently. by the way, most chinese in miri, or rather sarawak, are of the fu-zhou descendants...

this is what N had, kacangma. it's sour ginger chicken... tasted ok, but was only lukewarm! would be better if it were HOT!

after lunch, we were feeling particularly sleepy and tired... and also the heat was slowly melting us down! so we voted unanimously to return to ryuu's home for a short rest.

there, we started on a korean drama series, where N and i drifted in and out of sleep on the couch... hehe...

at around 5.30pm, we ventured out again to collect our laundry which we sent to the previous day! so biow, yes, we managed to find a launderette that opens on a sunday... according to ryuu, most shops don't open on sundays. as the majority of sarawakians are christians, most shops remain close on the sabbath!

luckily we found a launderette operated by a non-christian! this shop has a "guan-gong" idol in the shop! :D
here's me looking so happy to have all my dirty, wet and stinky clothes taken care of for me.

ah, freshly laundered clothes (and bags! and sleeping bag!)... one less headache when we get back to kl!

as it was still early for dinner, we went back again to ryuu's place to continue our korean drama. yes, miri is so small that we can just keep going back for a short rest before going out again!

during dinner... no, we did not get drunk drinking beer. this is what mirian restaurants use to sell their herbal tea, or "leong sui". you can order it by the glass or by the bottle. sorry, no photo of our dinner... but we went to a chinese restaurant and ordered a few dishes...

then i received an sms to inform me that our 9.45pm flight has been postponed to 11.30pm! what the...? so after dinner, we went back again to ryuu's place, where we helped ourselves to ryuu's neighbour's sour mangoes in the backyard! ok, fine, only me! but N helped me pluck! :P

luckily our flight took off right on (the postponed) time, ryuu was finally able to get rid of us, and we arrived at home sweet home at 3am!

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Biow said...

ohh sour mangoes.. remind me of my old melaka house.. the old one with big mangoes trees.. aiyo.. i made jeruk with them.. sedap.. aiyo, really miss that mango tree!

nice or not the bian-bian hu? see? u travel places what..

stargal said...

sour mangoes are my absolute fav! so fav, that now i can't take too much at one go, coz my teeth have corroded... :(

but i plucked a BIG plastic bag from ryuu's backyard that lasted me for 2 whole weeks! *slurp*

oh, sorry, i found out it's called DING bian hu... not bian-bian hu. it's a bit like mee-hoon-kueh...