Sunday, 5 September 2010

leaving on a jet plane!

i guess i should announce it here... since quite a few people know it already, and it's quite official by now. so here goes...

i'm leaving for dubai, or as i like to call it, the land of the shimmering sands! :)

it's quite official, coz i've already received the letter of appointment, signed it and sent it back to them. but i said "quite" because there are still other paper work and documentation to take care of, which if not done properly, may stop me from entering the country... so keeping fingers crossed that everything goes well!

so what will i be doing there? well, i'll be joining the dubai outfit of another hotel chain... a major move, i know! uprooting myself from kl, which i've spent the last 11 years of my life, and from m'sia! the sentimental me will surely miss everything here, esp since i won't be able to be back for cny next year... my first cny away from home and family! *sob*

as excited as i am with this current development, there's also the slight sense of panic within... all the things that need done before i take off! and all the uncertainty of packing off for a totally foreign country... but deep down inside, there's also this zen-like certainty that everything will turn out ok, that i'll be settling down and adapting to my new life just fine! wish me luck, people! :)

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Ms Teh said...

Congrats to the start of a new journey! Perhaps we will meet there instead ;)

Biow said...

all the best to you.. you'll be fine.. how exciting/adventurous/new experience your life is going to be..

stargal said...

ms teh, thanks! yes, let's meet up one day, wherever we happen to be at that time! :D

thanks, biow! so excited... :)

Anonymous said...

Arrrghh.... I am so gonna miss u !!

ANyway, it's a good kick start and remember the angmoh we were talking about earlier... hehehe

All the best!

= T=

stargal said...

=t=, i'll still be on msn and fb lar. trust me, u won't even notice that i'm gone! :)