Friday, 26 November 2010

going chinese…

it was my working saturday (we have to work one sat in a month, on rotation basis) and my colleague, a burmese, suddenly had a craving for hot chinese soup. so she asked me if i wanted to try this chinese restaurant that is reputed to be quite good. being quite tired of all the cold, mostly “indian themed” food served by our staff cafe, i readily agreed.

we went to this restaurant called “china sea” by the creek. all their staff are from the mainland chinese, so you can’t get a more authentic chinese food than that! :)

P1070812 as there were only the two of us, we ordered a pot of seafood + beancurd soup…

P1070813 …and shared a plate of egg fried rice for one person (which we didn’t finish!)

P1070811my bowl of soup… ah, trust the chinese to make good soup!

total cost came up to 60 dirham for 2 persons, including a pot of chinese jasmine tea.

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