Friday, 25 February 2011

home cooked…

since all my meals are taken care of by the company, i’ve not had much excuse to do any cooking. or rather, i have found the perfect excuse to not cook! :P anyway, my mom bought me a few of those herbal soup packs, that all i’ve to do is just dump the whole pack into the rice cooker and let it cook by itself. so here’s my first attempt at cooking in sandland.

P1080436pat-tin/pat-chen herbal soup, also known as period soup… i guess only chinese daughters can related to this :)

i know biow would go “eewww” right about now… :) anyway, mon gave me the idea of putting in some vermicelli and eating it like mihun soup, instead of just drinking it as we would normally. i didn’t put in any chicken (still hate touching raw meat!), so would have to be content with just an egg… :)

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Biow said...

haha.. that's what i said *eewwww*.. you know me too well :D