Wednesday, 22 August 2012

bento #27: the first one after 2 years!

in case some of you have not caught on, i just got back from my 3 weeks of home leave. and as usual, i came back with a box full of food and goodies that couldn't be found in the desert. among the items in my luggage, was a bubee insulated container that i bought from a stall in midvalley. it was an afterthought buy, as i was actually helping my colleague to buy one and at the last minute, thought it'll useful for me too.

anyway, yesterday being my first day back to work, i kinda lost my appetite at lunch time when i saw the food in the staff cafeteria. well, who can blame me, after all those yummy food back home?! so i decided to make use of my newly acquired bubee container...

i used the two small containers from this termos set...

1. put 3/4 cup of rice to soak overnight
2. wash and chop up some dried mussels, refrigerate 
3. wash some kei-zhi (wolfberries), refrigerate
4. scoop out some pickled szechuan vege into small container, refrigerate
5. scoop out some fermented bean curd into small container, refrigerate

this morning, with only 5 more minutes before the 8am staff bus is scheduled to leave, i drained the rice and put them into the bubee container, threw in the dried mussels and wolfberries, and brought everything to the office.

upon reaching the office, i poured hot water onto the rice in the bubee container and screwed on the lid tightly. and by midday, voila! my porridge is ready!

this was how it looked like when the lid was first opened. i thought i'd put in too little water, not enough for it to become porridge. but upon stirring, i found that the bottom was quite watery after all.

for continuous improvement: 
1. need to use boiling water and not just hot water, as some of the rice were still hard in the middle
2. must remember salt or soy sauce

a simple meal, but yummy all the same! :)


Biow said...

woah.. so interesting this BuBee container.. just add hot water? amazing.

stargal said...

it's an insulated container. at first i thought it's just to keep food like soup and porridge warm, but upon further research, i found that it can cook too! so thot of trying it out... :)