Monday, 7 November 2005

cello debut

it was just a small recital actually, nothing big. so there's not too much pressure and it's good exposure for me. overall, it went ok, i think.

anyway, i looked so serious in the pic. hahaha... concentrating on every note! but i'm always looking serious when i'm not smiling. *mental note to self: must remember to smile in my next performance.


lotsachi said...

aaaargh, sucha long hair! weiii...what happened to the 'charlotte' look? can pls grow your hair (upfront-forehead...ahh, what do u call that?)?

serious look is common in orchestra players. well, not to say not smile, but not tersengih-sengih throughout the entire performance lah. menakutkan para hadirin :P

eh, almost lupa...congrats on your first debut ah!

stargal said...

erm... it's called 'forehead hair'. kakakaka... no lar, 'fringe' lar. i can't have no fringe, coz will make me look very old and ugly. i'm not like charlotte lar...

aiyo, of course i won't tersengih-sengih during the performance lar. nanti the conductor perasan i smilling at him/her! :Þ just a small smile lar, so that dun look so serious.

stargal said...

'bangs' also can.

Biow said...

wah.. can play on performance liao dee.. so clever.. agree on the hair.. too straight!

lotsachi said...

she bangs, she bangs
Oh baby
when she moves, she moves
I go crazy
'Cause she looks like a flower but she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history
She bangs, she bangs
I'm wasted by the way she moves
No one ever looked so fine
She reminds me that a woman only got one thing on her mind


your bangs...
only got one thing on the mind...


are you trying to grow your hair longer so you can make a bow outta your hair? ;P boleh jimat sikit :P

hmmm, makes me wonder how they take the hair outta the horse's, tail :P ahh, do they pull it? hahaha...imagine crazy ass kick from that! :P logical thinking - they must have cut the hair lah, huh. don't have to slaughter the horse to get its hair mah, right? not like getting the penis outta tiger, right? aiyoo..dunno why use this analogy. sorry sorry, guys. OUCH! back to the story - i think if they cut the horse's hair, it does grow out, huh. takes how long, huh. or do they chop the tail off entirely? aaahh...imagine horse that looks like rottweiler :P

stargal said...

kekeke, thanks biow! next performance is in dec!

lotsachi, u think too much lar! if u really wanna know abt the horse, maybe u should do a research on it! kekeke... then let me know ar.

wah, everyone commenting on my hair. but it's the easiest to jaga. and i stress again, i need the fringe! believe me, i've tried without fringe... awful!!

ok, maybe it's a little too long... will see if i can get it shorter a little.

lotsachi said...

ahhh...i really thought u r gonna use your hair as a bow ahhh... :P

how about layering? will u look horrible in layers?

stargal said...

i've tried layer... but because my hair is very very fine, it tends to fly all over the place and 'off my head', and not remain staight down like heavy hairs do.

Biow said...

btw, why so ang kong kong

stargal said...

that's the gco (galactic chamber orchestra) punya 'official' t-shirt. but normally, i only wear it when absolutely necessary (like for this performance), coz i hate clothes that can't be thrown into the washing machine with the rest of the laundry without turning the whole load pink!

lotsachi said...

hehehe... an excuse for u to buy more red shirts/tops so u can sekali basuh ;P