Thursday, 24 August 2006

how m'sian r u?

with merdeka juz ard the corner, it's time once again to ponder on the significance of our independence and what it means to be truly m'sian.

wah... so cheem (deep) hor? hehehe... on a lighter note, take this quiz to find out how m'sian r u. juz for fun lar... and tell me ur scores! i'm 73.33% m'sian ler. so proud! :Þ


Anonymous said...

Your score : 27 out of 45

You’re there, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. To start off your journey to becoming a true red-yellow-and-blue Malaysian, make sure you don't forget those little Malaysian flags that purebreds stick on their cars on Merdeka day.


stargal said...

eh? i got 33 out of 45, but the 'analysis' is the same as urs! cheh... kena tipu...