Tuesday, 28 April 2009

another crocheted wrist bag...

was at ampang park sometime last month for lunch and went to browse around at Haby & Wools. that was when i found out that the yarn i used to make N's wristlet will be discontinued and the stock that they have there will be their last. so in a fit of panic, i bought a few more skeins in various colours for my stock...

at home, as i was organising my yarn stock, i realized that i've been making so many stuff, but none of them were for MYSELF! hmp!! how can??? so i decided to crochet a wristlet for myself... in sweet pink!

all these while, whenever i go for lunch on working days, i'll be using a drawstring pouch that was a hand-me-down from the previous gal whose position i took over. so pathetic, right?

a very handy drawstring bag for a quick jaunt to lunch...

a lot of times, when i go out for lunch with my clgs or bosses, they will recognize this pouch and say things like: "that looks familiar..." or "isn't that LG's bag?" not that i'm ashamed of it or anything. why wanna waste a perfectly serviceable bag just because it's a hand-me-down, right? so whenever someone mentions abt this pouch, i'd proudly say, "yes! she left it for me, like how she left her job here for me!" or "yeah, i brought it home, gave it a good washing and it's as good as new!"

anyway, here's the wristlet that i've made for myself. exactly the same as the one i did for N, only in pink.

mine! mine!

oh yeah, i bought some purple yarns from haby & wools too, hoping to make something for a certain someone who simply loves all things purple! in fact, i've started making something with those yarns, but later found out that the paterns are too complicated for my level. argh!!! i can't make head or tail of the instructions! so frustrating... and so, had to abandon the purple project until i find something else that i can make, and to "that certain someone who simply loves all things purple", guess your suprise package will have to wait... sorry!

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