Tuesday, 21 April 2009

earth day 2009

did you know that tomorrow's earth day? yeah, now u know: TOMORROW IS EARTH DAY. YW told me this morning that everyone in her company will be wearing green tmr. so happening hor? must be all youngsters... keke...

anyway, taking the cue from YW's colleagues, i've also campaigned in my office (just my side of the floor and also on facebook and msn lar) to wear green tomorrow to spread the awareness. dunno how effective my campaign is lar... we'll see tmr lor!

my "green effort" for today:
1) brought homemade sandwiches to work in a square bread container
2) came back from shopping during lunch hour at KLCC without any plastic bag!
3) mentioned to housemate P this morning that her letting the water run while brushing her teeth is a very bad habit. she's promised to change

so what are your "green effort" today?


YW said...

haha.. i guess my biggest green effort ever is telling Sue about the Earth Day idea today! cos i know she is definitely the right channel to bring up this support! keke ;P

stargal said...

ooo... using me yeah! hmp! >:(

kekke... but nvm lar, it's for a good cause anyway! :P

YW said...

nono, rather say its a marketing strategy la, hahah... i m so sick of work obviously ;p