Wednesday, 13 January 2010

more frivolity...

was passing by my colleague's desk yesterday, when something green caught my eye.

a lil mickey mint box from hk disneyland!

so i reached over to take a look. my colleague explained that it was her son's and the mint inside have expired, so she's using it to store some rubberbands instead. and then when she saw my interest in it, she said i can have it!

i was shocked! and i asked her is a hushed and reverent voice, "are you sure? it's from hk disneyland, you know?"

and she gave me this look: =_='''

hehe... she's a woman of 50+.

but now i'm wondering: will i ever get too old for all things disney? hehe...

anyway, what is it about tin boxes that's so appealing? or is it just me? :P

haiz... i'm such a sucker for packaging!

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Biow said...

but green.. i dun like..

stargal said...

eh? but i thought u liked green last time? or was it yellow? aiyo, memory failing...

*in a hushed tone* but biow, it's DISNEYLAND!