Wednesday, 20 January 2010

on affairs and scandals...

been meaning to blog about this, but as usual, been procrastinating... anyway, i don't know if it's this company or if it's the trend now, but i find that some of the ladies who work here are real... sluts, for want of a better word.

most of them are married with kids, but their hubbies and children are back in their hometown. so they're like weekend mommies and wives. the rest of the week, they sorta live their lives like bachelorettes in the city. it's fine if all they do are just going out dancing and drinking after work. and trust me, they do that pretty often. ladies nights are never missed!

but what's troubling is that they go out to meet guys! they flirt around and get guys to buy them drinks... some of them even have part-time lovers, whom they'll call up to talk love and flirt over the phone during lunch hours. i'm not sure how far they've gone with these 'boyfriends', but listening to them, it seemed like they're real experts in stringing along those poor blokes! but then again, it serves these 'dirty old men' (at least that's the image i have of these so called 'boyfriends') right! who asked them to be so gatal (malay for 'itchy') to go for married girls? i've always believed in the old chinese saying, loosely translated as, "if the cow refuses to drink, there's no way for you to force its head down to drink"

and it's not like they're discreet about it too! one colleague, dancing daphne, was pretty proud that she has a few boyfriends under her thumb... disclosing about this boyfriend who sponsored her to a slimming program, that boyfriend who topped up her phone prepaid credit, another boyfriend who was surprised at all the weight that she's lost etc. and she even put this saying up as her fb status once:
"Love and Scandal are the best sweeteners of Tea - Cullen Hightower"

looking at them about it, i feel like the married old lady more than them! am disgusted... (at them, not myself!)


Biow said...

wah so happening one.. malay ke chinese?

stargal said...

dancing daphne is malay... but there's another group of chinese girls also like that. what is this world coming to???