Monday, 4 January 2010

ushering in the new year...

1st working day of the year... did not go on long leave end of last year. mainly because i've used up my meager leave allocations, with only just one day to bring forward. also, because my bosses were fighting tooth and nail over going on long end of year leaves, which resulted in both of them deciding that i can hold the fort by myself.

but luckily i was still able to be home for my nephew's wedding (my NEPHEW!!! i feel so ancient now!) on the last day of the year. and lucky thing too, coz my home was swarming with noisy relatives and i'd feel so miserable and lonely if i were to miss out on all the gossips and fun laughters! :P

the kids enjoying the 'yum-seng' toast!
(more pictures in my facebook...)

anyway, seems like everyone is blogging abt the new year and their new year's resolutions... and while browsing through my blog archive, i realized that i've not blogged abt the new years for 2 consecutive years! hmm... i think it's because i don't really have the habit of making new year's resolutions. and for me, the years are just another number. quite pessimistic, hor? hehehe... well, i think it's just a different way of looking at things.

so since everyone's talking and blogging abt their new year's resolutions, i guess i should try to think up one too. but i would exactly call it 'resolutions'. maybe a target of that i wish to achive this year.

1. to move house, either to a rented studio apartment or a cosy crib of my own
since M moved out in June last year, we've been renting out the middle room to 2 students from IMU. and gosh, i never thought anyone could be so sloppy and lazy and basically just pure insensitive, until i met them! well, one of them, anyway. since having them in the house, the word "MOVE" has been hovering in my mind every damn day! every time i step out of my room. every time i get home from work. don't want to go into details as to the things that gets to me, but it's driving me and housemate P crazy, and it's like the main topic of our conversations these days.

2. to change to a better job in a better company
my msn status reads: "it seemed like a place of dreams and promises, but after nearly 2 years, it all remain as far-fetched dreams and empty promises." enough said...

3. in the mean time (in achieving target no. 2), to work smarter (coz i think i'm working smart already!) and not hard, so that i can leave the office on time and would not need to spend so much time in the office.

4. to try to get more sleep and exercise more!
yeah, have not been doing much of either of these...

5. to do more craft, and maybe earn some side income out of it

6. to have a bit more compassion and tolerance towards other ppl
i find myself getting pissed quite easily, especially last year. i guess some additional compassion and tolerance will be good, for myself and also for those around me!

well, that's all i can think of at the moment. let's see how i do at the end of this year, ok?

also, from most of the blogs that i read, seems like 2009 wasn't so bad for them. but how come i feel it sucked big time for me??? i was so glad to send 2009 off. good riddance, i say! i think last year was my most depressing year.

so let's hope 2010 will be better... here's a happy new year to everyone! ;)

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Biow said...

alas, 2010, year of tiger not a good year leh.. :(..

i'm getting depressed already and so early in the year some more.. :-<

stargal said...

not a good year for me too! kena food poisoning on the night of the 4th! now still recuperating. haiz...