Monday, 22 March 2010

back from the land up north!

sawasdee krub~~

sawasdee ka~~ i'm back! but cheh, things were so calm and peaceful, and everyone in the city went about their lives as usual, that we all really worried for nothing. we even had our driver drive us into the heart of the camp itself for us to take photos and see first hand how the situation is like. all is not as exaggerated and hyped-up as reported in the media and by some people...

more on the trip later, in a proper post hopefully! stay tuned! ;)


Biow said...

ronald is so cute doing the sawasdeeka (sp?)

ANDDDDDD, you're BACK!!!

i've been looking out for you in MSN.. heh..

stargal said...

-ka ending is used by females. males end with -krub, but when they said it, it sounds more like "sawadee khap".

and yes, i'm back! thinking of where to go next. hehe... oh, n was too bz catching up on work to remember to login to msn today ;)