Tuesday, 16 March 2010

off to the capital of the land up north!

booking of flight - check!
booking of accommodation - check!
arrangement of land transfers - check!
confirmation of travel insurance - check!
confirmation of theme park ticket - check!
renewal of passport - check!
recharging of cameras' batteries - in progress...
packing of luggage - in progress...
coordination of meeting place & time for parties from 3 different locations - check!
exchange of currency - check!
activation of roaming service - check!
check-in of flight from the web - check!
noting down of tourist police and embassy numbers - check!

ok, all set to go! just hope we won't run into any trouble with the demonstrators there! our timing for this trip is all wrong. up until this morning, we're still halfhearted on whether we should really board our plane tomorrow... but after several phone calls to a few tour agents up north and a few thai acquaintances, coupled with a few inquiries to some thai nationals i met at the matta fair last weekend, we've decided to press our luck and get on with it.

so fingers cross, people! and if you don't hear from me by sunday, please send out a search party for 7 adults & 1 child!

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Biow said...

my mom also went hatyai.. sigh