Wednesday, 28 July 2010

miri/mulu: day 4

ok, i know it's been more than 2 months, and i'm still blogging abt it... stale news oredi, sorry! i'll try to get it done asap.

anyway, to continue on with the story... woke up bright and early for breakfast at 7am. we're to depart from camp 5 at 8.30am, to our rendezvous point with our boat.

leaving our mark in camp 5's guest book...

with some time to kill, we went to check out the hanging bridge near the edge of camp 5, which leads to the head-hunter's trail. if we have one more night here, this head-hunter's trail will be in our itinerary.

our "white" shoes! on day 2, when our guide richard saw my white shoes, he remarked, "you're going to wear that to climb mount mulu? it won't be white anymore after the hike". to which i replied, "it's ok. i don't mind!"

while waiting for the others to get ready, we took a pic with richard.

this was supposed to be taken on arrival, but somehow, we missed it. so took it upon departure! :P

we were the first few to make it back to our rendezvous point, in 2.5 hours... it was a grueling walk. we started out in quite high spirits, singing loudly some of our favourite show-tunes. but after a while, the blisters on our feet got really bad and we just plodded on in silence, just focusing on getting to our rendezvous point fast! here are some of the "results". oh, and i got 2 leach bites!

the first thing we did upon reaching was to peel off our shoes and put on our slippers! in case i spoilt your lunch or dinner, sorry! :P

after everyone has arrived, we descended to the river onto our boats... here's me "kay-poh" helping to pass down the bags...

N has never seen a pineapple tree before...

we went back to benarat lodge, where they opened up the rooms for us to shower and prepared lunch for us, before ferrying us off to the airport...

the mulu airport is so small, that their "luggage cart" weren't even motorised, but relied on manual labour!

N finds it amusing that UPM needs to put out an ad for student intake! aren't public university places going like hot cakes? why still need to spend money to put up ads? *scratches head*

our flight back to miri was turbulent, so everyone, including the flight attendants, had to be strapped to our seats for the whole duration of the flight. so no one came to distribute the milo... and N was like kept bugging me abt it! "where's my milo?" "u think i should request for it?" "we're nearly reaching, how come still no milo?" "if i don't get my milo, i'll throw tantrum lor!" but in the end, we got our milo! they distributed it to us when we were disembarking... :)

upon reaching the miri airport, my  phone battery went flat (coz unable to charge at camp 5 and benarat lodge - electricity from a generator!). so i stole some electricity at the airport while waiting for ryuu to come pick us up.

ryuu's guestroom #1 at his government quarters. see, told ja he's a closetted interior designer!

books as table deco!

ryuu's upstairs living area...

before departing from mulu airport, i sent ryuu an sms: "we're at the airport oredi. flight at 3.25pm, reaching at 4pm. we wanna eat buffet! any good buffet at marriott? we also need to send our clothes and bags to dhobby, coz they stink big time! any such service in miri??"
hehe... after all those simple food cooked by our guide at camp 5, we were craving for something good! so that's what we had for dinner that night: buffet at miri marriott resort & spa! :P oh, and in this pic, N is pointing to the bar code sticker that was stuck to her without her knowledge (until a few seconds before this pic was taken!). somehow, she always ends up with the luggage sticker on her, dun ask me how! =_='''

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Biow said...

so, managed to get dobi to wash all ur clothes?

stargal said...

yeah yeah... there's a photo of when we went to collect. will post it up in the next (and last!) installment :)