Thursday, 30 December 2010


warning: ranting post ahead!

sometimes, i really wonder at the need of some people to feel good at the expense of others. they'll say sarcastic things, belittle others and be real patronizing, just so that they can feel so high and mighty.

ll: be careful, your parents will ask for more money
me: not my parents. they won't
ll: don't be too sure. they will squeeze all they can from you
me: no, they never did and never will. i've known them all my life
ll: u just wait. it'll happen soon enough
ll: then u must be one rich woman
me: no lar. i'm a spendthrift
ll: what u spend on? you don't pan-leng (cantonese for dress up), car also old car...
me: yeah, but that doesn't mean i don't spend on other things ar...
ll: such as??
me: just stuff. this and that. food
ll: wah, so the kopitiam earn all your money lah? i gotta open a kopitiam soon
me: you're being so patronizing. i don't pan-leng doesn't mean i don't eat good food
ll: where? burj al-arab?
me: so sarcastic! i meant back home lar…
ll: there's expensive food place in m'sia meh? how come i didn't notice?

burj al-arab
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up to that point, i didn't feel like chatting with her anymore… what a dem bitch, right?? just because i lead a completely different lifestyle from her, she thinks i'm some country bumpkin. in her mindset, only girls like HER – girls who dress up, wear makeup, use all the expensive skin care products etc – are chic and sexy and trendy. girls who are not like HER are all from the kampung, sua-ku, naïve, plain and backward. i really felt like slapping her! and just because her parents are bloodsuckers, she assumes everyone's parents are too! beh-tahan!!!


Biow said...

wah, this type of ppl really emotional-sucking.. dun like!

actually i also dun pan leng, dun buy branded goods.. but still no money.. not easy to have money what!

stargal said...

ya lor... since when is money enough, kan?

gina said...

Some people think they are always right and they want to impose their lifestyle or beliefs on you.

Bend not to such pressure. It's not worth our time. You can always share about this moron's story here and we laugh together! Better still - ignore them at all costs. Our time is better spent with people who are sincere.

stargal said...

ya lor. that's y i seldom reply when she ping me on chat... biarlah!

Anonymous said...

why your kawan sana all satu macam one! annoying !


stargal said...

tym, this kawan is from m'sia! :D

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lagi teruk.. Ban her terus!